Reviews For Christmas Light Installation in Houston

Barbara Price

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

They work hard at what they do.
They did Christmas lights that made the house beautiful and stuck with it until it was done.
Very friendly over the phone.
They even saved us suggested another way we could do it that would be cheaper.


Guy Mabry

8 months ago

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Great job hanging up Christmas lights, didn’t know what I wanted and helped make recommendations used this company last year and very happy and used them again this year.

Pamela Salyer

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

Lon and Melissa are wonderful to work with, very professional and meticulous about their work. From the bidding process to the final after-work inspection, they make each step clear, with competitive pricing and attention to detail. I have engaged Lon in the last six months for everything from painting and carpentry to installing Christmas lights without regret. I can recommend him without reservation


Tom Payne

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

Quick to respond, communicates as things progress and a good value. Worked hard and took care of the issues as they came up in the project. Will definitely be a repeat customer.


Judy M

Very Courteous and prompt communication made sure I was satisfied with the work and kept me informed about my Christmas light installation.


Claire W

We had a great experience from quoting estimate through to the Christmas light installation. Lon was very helpful in suggesting ideas to set everything up. Highly recommend to everyone looking for dependable and professional services.


Mark H


Would recommend and use again for my Christmas decorating, was easy to work with.


Linda H


For the last two weeks I have ben on a not to fun adventure trying to get my Christmas lights hung in Houston. People who claimed to have an experience did not have a clue. They couldn’t even buy one. I was seriously ready to give up when Lon from Houston Christmas lights agreed to put my holiday light puzzle together. He did and I finally have my holiday lights up and working. They look amazing! I am beyond pleased that I found him, and that part of my adventure has a happy ending.


Amazing job Friendly and knowledgeable family business. I would give the highest recommendation. Very honest as well.

Roger J


I had a limited budget for putting up Christmas lights. Very quickly we were able to negotiate a fair price for a simple but very effective not to mention not to little Christmas lighting plan. They went above expectations in meeting my needs and boy do they look GR8 😊 I look forward to doing business next year.


Saul T

Good work hanging my holiday lights in Houston.


Houston Christmas Lights  did a wonderful job with my Christmas lights and holiday decor



Common Questions and Answers About Residential Holiday Light Installation


Houston Christmas Lights receives calls and emails each season from Harris County and Fort Bend County homeowners asking questions about our Christmas light installation that we have compiled and provided the answer to. If your question is not here then please give our Holiday light company in Houston a call at 281-545-7740 or shoot us am email, we are happy to answer your questions all season long.


Q: Is there a difference between commercial C9 Christmas lights and the lights sold at big box stores?



A: Yes, there is a significant difference between the bulbs, most people will notice a price difference first but the reason commercial lights like Houston Christmas lights installs is more costly is they last longer. The average retail light last only 1,000 hours where a industrial grade light last 50,000 and if you consider the cost of not having to replace the lights then commercial lights becomes less expensive to install then big box lights. Another difference between the lights is the bulb design. Retail lights come in two-piece; commercial lights only have one place so when the bulb does burn out it must be replaced. We offer bulb replacement for free for 5 years. After this we only charge $1.00 per bulb but you should not need to replace the light for many seasons. Commercial lights also require our company to provide a power adapter which is include in our all-inclusive packages. From an aesthetic point the Christmas light we install in Houston are brighter, color matched up to 3% of a difference in some bulbs which is never noticeable where a big box light has a huge color impact at 63% of a color influx.


Q: If a bulb burns out or breaks what happen to the rest of my stand?


A: With the wind and rain we experience even during the holidays this can occur and included in your service package is free maintenance all season long however during the 24 hours it takes for us to arrive you wont be without lights because unlike retail light the rest of the light are not impacted.


Q. Do you rent lights and Christmas displays or sale them?


A. Both, some of our rentals are prompts that are delivered, set up and returned after the holidays but these are generally for commercial properties such as hotels, restaurants, and retailers. We sell lights so they are yours to keep as when they are custom fit to your home or office, they are no longer able to be re used on another project.


A. Is there a minimum for Christmas light installation in Houston?

Q. Yes, we have a $1,000 minimum but we offer discounts for any holiday lights hung by our service techs before November 1st 



Q.  Who creates your Christmas designs?


A. Many times when a new customer scrolls through or online photo gallery they choose a design from years past. However, we prefer to work with the customer to get their suggestions and ideas to make sure they are completely satisfied with the final display or light package they are provided. Our consults are free.


Q: What are the best lights for my commercial Christmas tree?


A; LED String lights are the preferred choice among our office and commercial customers. If you are a resident, you can use either iridescent or LED lights, the least expensive option is always LED as they’re low voltage lights.


Q: How Many Lights Do I need on A Christmas Tree?


 A. It all depends on the size some of our customers need 100 lights but some of our largest trees take thousands of lights. On outside trees many customers are shocked at the cost of decorating the tree because outside trees especially those with large trunks take thousands of lights if your using mini, fairy, or dome lights.

Q. What is the difference between commercial and store-bought wreaths?

Thickness and durability, if you want a wreath that looks good year after year then you want to use a commercial wreath especially if you are installing the wreath outdoors. Many store-bought lights do not have a UV rating for outdoor use.

Q. What size of Christmas wreath should I buy?

A. Have your professional Christmas light installer in Houston measure the height and width where you want to hang your wreath and then cover 60% of the width of the space with your wreath

Q. How many lights do I need for my wreath?

A.This depends on the size of your wreath and where you will be having it, our holiday decorators add lights to all our arrangements/. If you are a so it yourselfer here is a general rule of thumb is 100 for light coverage and 200 for heavy coverage for each foot of wreath.

24-inch wreath: you need a box of 50 lights

60-inch wreath:  You need 400 lights

Ready to plan your Christmas light installation in Houston give us a call today at 281-545-7740


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Ready to plan your Christmas light installation in Houston give us a call today at 281-545-7740