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Where To Buy Christmas Lights In Houston?

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Different Types of Christmas lights for sale

Within weeks homes and businesses will be decorating their property with beautiful twinkling lights but have you ever noticed not all Christmas lights are the same color? Take for example C9 lights they are the same size of bulb, but some of the lights are dull while others are crystal clear and bright. What’s the difference? It’s where you buy your Christmas lights in Houston. There are plenty of retailers to buy lights from around Houston from retailers to garden centers that carry holiday lights for homeowners, but this is not the same lights that Christmas light installation services rent or sale. Houston Christmas Lights carries commercial grade lights, and these lights make a remarkable difference in the clarity and brilliance they provide to your design.

Difference Between Store Bought and Commercial Grade Christmas Lights

There are three main differences between retailers like Home Depot who sales Christmas lights and the lights our Christmas light installers provide:

Brightness- Wat makes commercial grade lights brighter is that retail lights have 1 light emitting diode (LED) in them, this is what converts electrical energy directly into the light to add efficient lighting. On a commercial Christmas light which you cannot purchase in a store there are five light emitting diodes. The retail lights you purchase off the shelves are essentially mini light that are the smallest light you can purchase with a casing the size of a big bulb or C9 that slides over the mini light. This is why retail light will expire within three years where commercial grade lights can last for seven years, while they are a little more than the cost of the retailer lights when you look at having to replace the retail lights twice within a 7-year time frame you will see that retail lights are actually more expensive.

Custom Cut: One of the reasons that Christmas light installers in Houston sell commercial grade lights is because they are custom fit to your location. We can unscrew the bulbs and add new ones without having to toss away the entire strand. If you have retail lights and decide next year you want to go from all white to red and white, then you can’t twist off the bulb where on a commercial light you are able to change the color of your design as often as you want without any hassle. Our Christmas light installers in Houston also cut and splice all their own wires so there aren’t cords and wires everywhere the lights are fitted to your roof line which enhances the look of your holiday display.

Warranty: All of the commercial grade lights we sale in Houston are backed with a three-year warranty which is something you won’t find with retail holiday lights. In addition to the manufactures warranty our Christmas light installers in Houston also provides free replacement bulbs or repairs them throughout the season should they break or burn out.

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Looking For A Christmas Light Installation in Houston?

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Commercial Grade Christmas Light

If you are considering purchasing lights this year why not let our team remove all the stress of the season with one of our packages that comes with lights, labor, and storage. Our Christmas light installation service is all inclusive so all you have to do is sit back and relax and we will take care of the rest. We do book early so make sure to contact Houston Christmas Lights for your complimentary deign consultation. In addition to serving Houston, we also offer Christmas light installation in Cypress, Katy, and The Woodlands. Contact us at 281-545-7740

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