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The Do's and Don't of Christmas Light Installation

If you enjoy do it yourself projects then let our professional Christmas light installers in Houston provide you a little guidance to ensure your safely and correctly get those Christmas lights installed on your Houston home and avoid the mistakes many do it yourselfer make. While we all love the holiday classic National Lampoon, we don’t suggest just throwing safety to the wind, so pause a minute to take the time to ensure your Christmas lights are installed safely by following Houston DIY decorating guide.

How Christmas Light Installation Can Damage Your Roof

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If you have ever had to pay a roofing company to repair or replace your roof, then you know this is one of the most expensive home improvement projects you will ever encounter and believe it r not many of those repairs are due to homeowner who do not properly install their Christmas lights. The way most do it yourselfers and Christmas light installers in Houston are taught to hang lights is incorrectly. The best way to avoid these pitfall is to know the type of roof you have (asphalt is most common) and always buy the clips because you never want to risk your roof by nailing or stapling your holiday décor to the shingles. Also using staples and nails can cause electrical issues as it can Frey or tear the wiring and wear down the protective coating that keeps your lights safe from the outdoor elements or puncture your gutters, even the smallest opening can allow rain to seep in and lead to a myriad of problems that can be a costly to fix. This is one reason we suggest when in doubt calling a professional Christmas light installation company in Houston who understands the importance of home features and how to prevent damages to your roof, gutters, siding, and windows, Sure it may cost a little more than the local teenager who put them up for $99.00 but all those savings can go right out the window if your home is damaged. If you do decide to take on this project then you want to either choose plastic clips or permanent hooks. If you choose to go the permanent route then make sure to use silicone around the small holes of your soffit, being that they are most likely wood it will keep the rain out preventing wood rot and mold, common to to our subtropical climate.

The best clips are plastic and designed with a S shape that fits around the gutters then take your wire and run your lights through the bottom portion. These clips will fit C9 which is the most requested bulb, and some will fit a C7 These are very inexpensive and usually come in 100 packs, so they work for most average size homes if your just installing lights on the roof facing the street and your ridgelines. The other type of plastic clip that hardware stores carry is L shaped and these clips can be installed under the shingle of your roof.

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How To Install Christmas Lights on Bricks

If you drive around Houston to view Christmas lights you will see many homeowners light up their arches and garages by attaching the Christmas lights to the brick this is done using hot glue. However, we recommend if you live in a stucco home to hire a professional Christmas light installer in Houston who knowns how to deal with this type of exterior because the glue can melt the strophe causing the stucco to chip off. To use hot glue to decorate the bricks around your dormers and windows, garages, or chimney we have included a video from one of our suppliers that will walk you step by step through the entire process. Be very careful working with hot glue if it hot enough to hold brick in place you can only imagine what it can do to your fingers that get in the way.

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How To Install Rope Lighting

One of the easiest light to work with due to being flexile is rope lighting. You can install these Christmas lights almost anywhere on your Houston property from decks and patios to columns and pathways. Make sure to use the plastic cable clips that’s included in the package as they are the proper fitting for the lights and unlike C9 or C7 these lights do need to be nailed. Space the clips about every half foot so they can move up or down, once the clips are in place then you simply lay your lights into the cable clip and then move them as you need to. Once everything is the way you want it to look take your hammer and nail in the rest of the clip so its flush against the surface but not so tight that the cap will damage the lights or ruin your lights when you take the nail out after the holidays.

Hassle Free Christmas Light Installation In Houston and Surrounding Areas

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There is an easier way then having to spend an afternoon unraveling lights, setting them up and then removing them after the holidays- Houston Christmas Lights of course! We are passionate about decorating and being that it’s our business we know how to deal with high pitched roofs, brick, stucco safely so that your display is beautiful without jeopardizing your home. Our services are also completely turnkey, so we provide the lights, set up, take down, and storage once the holidays are over. For more information about Houston Christmas light installation in Katy, Cypress or surrounding areas visit our website or give us a call at 281-545-7740.

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