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The Best Way To Wrap Trees With Christmas Lights

<img src="Christmas tree lights.png" alt="Houston HOA decorated trees with Christmas lights">
Houston HOA outdoor trees filled with Christmas lights

A few days ago, our Christmas light installation team in Houston shared how to install lights on a tree using a quick tree wrap however many Houston homeowners and homeowner associations prefer the look of mini lights on their outdoor trees because when trees are wrapped correctly they are breathtaking to look at. Today our Christmas light installers in Houston will share all you need to know to wrap your outdoor trees to create an outdoor holiday space that your family will love. Here's a brief overview:

· How many mini-Christmas lights you need?

· How to quickly wrap an Oak tree with lights

· Truck wrapping light for your tree

· Holiday lighting for bushes and hedges

· Outdoor hanging decorations that will give your tree the wow factor

How Many Mini Christmas Lights Christmas It Takes To Wrap A Tree?

Believe it or not it’s a lot more lights than most Houston homeowners think this is why we recommend hitting those after Christmas clearance sales when all holiday decorations go on sale. You can expect to need 100 mini lights per every foot of tree and a few extra strands of lights as a backup. The best way to measure your tree is to wrap a seamstress tape measure that is flexible around the circumference of the trunk and any large branches that are highly visible. In retail mini lights the lights are 100 per box but the spacing is only 2.5 inches so its going to take double the amount of light as choosing professional 5 mm lights that can be spaced further apart. Divide the height of your tree by the spacing of your mini or 5 mm lights then multiple the total by circumference to figure out the total length required. The equation will look like this:

6-foot truck / 2.5 inch spacing= 18 X 2 CIRCUMFERENCE=?

Of course, you can add more or less lights depending on how well lite you want your tree to be. One of the best ways to add more wow to your tree is to use hanging decorations. Just imagine having you r tree trunk wrapped and dangling icicles dripping from the tree using LED beads falling meteor rain lights that come in a variety of vibrant colors from electric white to blue and will save you time and having to climb up into the tree. Another popular item many people request is snowflakes. These novelty lights come in 8 large snowflakes that are strung together and then 96 mini lights are ran through the durable plastic to create a snowy scene.

How to quickly wrap an Oak tree with lights

<img src="Christmas light installation.png" alt="wrapping branches of a tree with Christmas lights">
Wrapping branches with mini lights

Some of the most beautiful trees that are found throughout Houston are oak trees there majestic almost magical look makes them perfect for wrapping but if you have a palm tree this will work just as well. The larger the tree and the more lights you us e the more impressive its going to look.

Step 1: Enlist a helper if you can so you have someone to help you pass the lights to on the other end of your tree.

Step 2: Ball your mini lights together to simplify the task and save you time, make sure to leave the connection end of your strand at the base of the tree so that when your done you can plug them in.

Step 3: Starting at the trunk of your oak or palm tree and have your helper step to the other side so you can pass the ball of mini lights back and forth. Make sure as you hand off the lights to keep them firm, so they don’t slide down the tree. With each wrap around the tree, you want to move upwards and then run the ball through it to create a knot. As you wind the lights around the Oak keep the spacing consistent so when the lights turn there will not be dim spots.

Step 5: When you reach the end of the first strand plug in the next strand of lights and secure the ends with a clear zip tie and secure it to the closest branch or you can use planting tape to prevent the lights from coming loose and going to the base of the tree. It makes common sense but is noteworthy: never use metal wire to secure your lights.

Step 6: In addition to adding holiday lights to the trunk of your trees you also want to make sure to wrap a few branches – when working off a ladder always follow ladder safety. To wrap branches or limb go all the way up the tree with the lights then reverse and come back down running the lights in a zig zag pattern so they cross over each other. Depending on the size of the limbs you should use about 30 to 60 mini lights per branch.

How to Wrap Net Lights on A Tree Trunk

<img src="tree with lights.png" alt="outdoor tree with Christmas lights">
Outdoor tree with netting light

If all of this seems too time consuming or difficult you can always use a tree trunk wrap, net light is flexible, so they make Christmas light installation much easier for Houston homeowners. The lights are all woven together so it makes this quick and easy for DIY. Take your net lights and stretch them apart as much as you can so they lay flat and are not bunched together. Once they are stretched out just wrap them around the trunk and secure them with a zip wrap every foot up the tree. If you have smaller trees, you can wrap the tree a few times but never cut the netting.

How to light your bushes and hedges for Christmas

Take your mini lights and again ball them together so they are easier to work with, on bushes and hedges the easiest thing to do is what is called a canopy wrap. Start by plugging the lights and you are going to do a zig zags motion as straight lines do not look as brilliant. Starting at the top of your bushes you work your way down and make the lights go in the shape of a giant S. Keep the lights spread out, so they look like a diamond and are evenly distributed on your shrubbery.

Outdoor tree hanging decorations

<img src="dazzling lights in tree.png" alt="dazzling Christmas tree lights">

If you want to add even more of a wow factor to your trees there are a few ways to do so, w e already mentioned the icicle lights and snowflakes that are great in treetops but the best way to create those jaw dropping trees we see is with using C7 Christmas lights. Start with a couple of tight wraps around the tree so the connector is able to be plugged in and then work down the branch with your C7 lights and then wrap it back so that it’s a loop and each branch is evenly covered with your holiday lights.

Professional Christmas Light Installation In Houston

Looking for a team of holiday professionals to install Christmas lights on your home or business this holiday season? Then look no further than Houston Christmas Lights, with over two decades of experience we offer the best holiday design our city has to offer. Our quotes are free so call 281-545-7740 or for a ballpark estimate visit us online for our Christmas light package pricing.

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