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Taking Your Kids To See Christmas Lights in Houston? Follow These Helpful Tips

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Seeing Christmas Lights? Follow These Helpful Tips

Within twelve weeks parents and grandparents across Harris County will bundle up their little ones, grab a thermos of hot chocolate and head out on what should be a wonderful family outing. While going to see twinkling lights can makes the Christmas spirit come alive it can also be a dauting task if you are unprepared. As a Mother of three and now a Grandmother I feel pretty qualified to share on this subject, I also happen to be owner of Houston Christmas lights, a professional Christmas light installation company in Houston which means I get to hear holiday light stories from parents just like you. Some of these stories are heartwarming, others are pretty comical and then there are those you want no one to have to endure like the first year I took my kids to River Oaks in Houston to see their over-the-top display. Having a Mom who installs Christmas lights in Houston most would assume that my kids either get to see holiday displays frequently or have a house that looks like Clark Griswold, but neither would be the case. When you have a parent who installs Christmas lights this means they magically disappear after Thanksgiving dinner is served and flies in the door just in time for candlelight service at church on Christmas Eve after which the kids get to go see holiday lights for their first time of the season since Mom has officially clocked out until January 1st but that year, I made an exception. When we got to River Oaks, we waited in line for what seemed an eternity I thought Jesus would come back before we ever mad e it to the entrance but just as we were rounding the corner a sweet voice from the backseat pipes up “Mommy I need to go to the potty” of course you do. I didn’t know rather to pull out my hair or laugh at the irony of it all. Needless to say, when you got to go – you got to go. My other two children went from Santa good list to Santa naughty list in about five seconds flat. Thinking of this Christmas lead me to share this list that now as a wiser Grandmother may help you avoid a similar situation.

Planning the Perfect Christmas Light Family Outing

Few things can brighten up a winter night and elevate your children holiday spirit like seeing a dazzling holiday light display. From River Oaks in Houston to Pecan Grove in Richmond to Pin Oaks in Katy or cities around Harris and Fort Bend County. Thankfully there is no shortage of places to take the kids rather you are driving through the area or walking through Sugar Land Holiday Lights at Constellation Field you will get the most out of your family outing by preparing the kids. For children like my grandson Samson who is four a quick drive around our Cinco Ranch neighborhood is enough to make his face light up with cheer but if your kids or grandkids need more then keep reading.

First preparation is key this means that everyone has gone to the restroom closest to where your seeing lights – lesson learned! Also make sure if there going to be riding in the hayride that goes through Pecan Grove they are dressed appropriately, its better to add layer now and remove, if necessary, chances are they will be so enthralled with the lights in Pecan Grove that they wont worry with clothes being too warm but being cold is no fun at any age. Don’t load them up on sugar but do take snacks to avoid the “I am hungry Mom” or they are thirsty. Okay now that they are prepared, are you?

Choosing the Right Area of Houston To See Christmas Lights Displayed

<img src="spring Christmas lights.png" alt="Christmas lights in Spring at Hurricane Harbor">
Hurricane Harbor Lights in Spring

There are plenty of places to go but toddlers may enjoy Houston light displays at the zoo that has activities and can reduce meltdown which helps Moms make sure they enjoy their time as well. Another great place to take the kids to view Christmas lights especially if you have not yet had your COVID vaccine and want to stay socially distanced is in Spring Light Park outside of Hurricane Harbor Splash Town. The admission is $40 so get your money worth by loading up the family minivan or SUV to see their millions of twinkling lights, plus nothing can be more of a killjoy than having a toddler who is tired of walking only ten minutes after they enter your destination. If you are going to be seeing neighborhood lights, then let us share one of the areas where we install Christmas lights in Cypress that we know will being a smile. Prestonwood Forest Niter of Lights welcomes thousands of visitors each season into Cypress from all around Harris and Fort Bend County with their spectacular light displays. Each street in this Cypress neighborhood is lite up and has a theme where the HOA presents the best houses an award for their efforts. If you are going to see these lights in Cypress do so before 10 pm on the weekdays or 11 on the weekends.

Create A Safety Plan for Christmas Light Visits

If you are headed to the Houston Zoo, Moody Gardens in Galveston or anywhere where you must leave the car to go view the holiday lights you want to put a safety plan in place. When its dark outside it makes it hard to find little ones who dart away and get lost in a crowd. Remind your youngster what to do if they get lost- ask for help and stay in the area where you were last separated. Before entering any holiday park stop and take a quick photo so when you are in panic mood you can recall what they were wearing. Since COVID has spiked again be safe and wear a mask, carry sanitizer, and if you are going out to dinner, be courteous to your server as most Houston restaurants are short staffed so try keeping the kiddos busy and remind them Santa is watching and checking his list often.

Be Adventitious Go See A New Display

With so many lights to see in Houston why not mix things up a little and go see something different this season. On our website we have plenty of neighborhood and events listed or follow our blog, we are always adding something new and fun to go see or do. From HOA that go all out such as Pecan Grove in Richmond where you can see a 40-foot lighted Christmas tree to Candy Cane Lane in Houston near the Galleria to walk through lights in Uptown or Memorial City Mall with over 3 million lights it would take years to see all the Houston Christmas Lights. Ask the kids if they are in school for areas and involve them in the planning.

The Key To See Houston Christmas Light – Plan!

<img src="Christmas lights houston.png" alt="Houston Christmas lights installing lights">
House Decorated by Houston Christmas Lights

We are all for being spontaneous but with COVID its harder to wing it these days and you don’t want to disappoint the kids. Last years one of the best spots The Woodlands put their Christmas lights on pause, they say it’ll be back this year but if we learned anything with Covid it’s things can change so call before you go or have a plan B. Most of the HOA that install Christmas light in Houston have a schedule on their Facebook page and some even have websites so do a little research and plan before making the trip. Don’t forget potty breaks before lines!

If you want your own light show or display that is available to the kids every evening, no plans necessary then call Houston Christmas Lights at 281-545-7740 for a free designer consultation with our Christmas light installers in Houston, We also serve Fort Bend County including

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