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Schedule Your Houston Christmas Light Installation Early

Houston, We Have A Problem- Christmas Light! As a professional holiday decorating company in Houston, we always order our supplies for the upcoming season in summer and at the latest by fall but this year has been anything like we have ever experienced in over 20 years of installing Christmas lights in Houston due to the shipping delays from COVID its become a logistic nightmare. Due to the demand for products and the amount of people who have stretched out their unemployment benefits not to mention the stimulus checks many people received, the third round being in the spring shipping delays are longer than any of us have ever expected, this is why we recommend not waiting to schedule your Houston Christmas light installation or you may be in for a very unpleasant surprise.

Why Houston Christmas Light Installers Need A Miracle

There is no better time for miracles then the holidays and we certainly can us one this year. For a brief time, America, the inventors of those awe-inspiring holiday lights were also the leading manufacture but today there are no lights made in the United States which means we must rely on shipping them in from overseas. The sad truth is that there is no North Pole where elves create all these festive lights or decorations that we love to use when decorating our home. Instead LED lights, trees, garland, wreaths and yes even those Santa hats come from Yiwu where there are over 600 factors that produce over half of Americas decorations. Then once they are created, they are shipped here but the issue since COVID is our ports are backed up. With the labor shortage of truck drivers and dock workers it’s become a supply chain nightmare. Asia is having issues delivering Christmas lights on time. For those leading manufactures who we depend on for our Houston Christmas light installation business to run we are being charged more for the lights. What all of this means is that if you want professional Houston Christmas light installation you must be early or hope for a holiday miracle.

The Price For Houston Christmas Light Installation

Due to the shortage of lights and the high demand we have made the best choice for our customers, we have fine tuned our model. We want to keep our prices affordable while still making a living and the best way to do this is to lease our lights. We will be charging $6.50 a linear foot for one story homes and $7.50 a linear foot for two stories and steep roofs. This means the average size home will cost around $750.00 for professional Houston Christmas light installation or we will hang your lights for $4.00 to $5.00 a linear foot. If you go with the lease option this service includes not only the lights, clips, and materials but also the labor to set up and remove you lights and guarantees that your lights will look their best as we will maintain them all season long. After the season we will store your lights for you so their out of your way and kept free from water or dirt. If you decide to have us use your light for your Houston Christmas light installation then maintenance and storage will not be included.

How To Save Money With Houston Christmas Light Installation?

We have a few programs into place this will help you keep the cost a little lower.

1. Referrals: When everyone sees how beautiful your lights look make sure to send them our way and for every new customer who signs up, we will give you a $50 discount.

2. Recycle Old Lights: if this is the year you need new lights and you book early enough that we still have supplies on hand we will donate your old lights to the Houston zoo and give you a $25.00 credit to use towards your Houston Christmas light installation.

3. Unlike many other Houston Christmas light installers, we provide free estimates, we will come out to your home at no cost to you and provide you a free quote, show you the different homes we have decorated over the years and the quality and colors of lights we have available so don’t wait a minute longer give us a call and let’s get your home for the holidays looking its best.

Need Houston Christmas Light Installation?

To schedule your 2021 Houston Christmas light installation call 281-545-7740 or schedule online. We will get through this crazy shortage together but to make sure your home is not dimmer this year do book early!

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