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Rent Vs Buying Christmas Lights?

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Christmas Light Installation Houston

Over the last decade many Christmas light installation companies in Houston have chosen to rent holiday lights but have you ever stopped to wonder why? Today I am going to give you the myths vs the facts of renting vs owning commercial grade Christmas lights so you can choose which is the better option for your home or business.

Myth: Renting lights save you from having to pay if there are any issues.

Reality: Rather you rent or buy the lights they are covered by the manufacture for three years. If they break or burn out, they can be returned, and you receive a replacement free of charge.

Myth: Buying commercial grade light is more expensive then renting them.

Fact: Often they are the same price but if you buy them at least you own them so if you want to use them for another holiday like July 4th or if you move away, they belong to you.

Myth: Storage of lights is included

Fact: While storage is in fact included your paying someone else to store their Christmas lights. Why pay someone else storage bill and to further the facts do you realize most people can fit their lights in a five-gallon tote in their attic.

Myth: Each year you get a new design

Fact: If you hire the right Christmas light installation company in Houston, you can get that too.

The bottom line is they use this sales gimmick to hold your lights so that you use their service over and over again, if the Christmas light installation company you hire in Houston is a reputable business, does quality work, and keeps their prices fair then why would you use any other team? This should be a red flag!

Why Hire Us For Your Christmas Light Installation in Houston

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Christmas Light Installation Cypress

At Houston Christmas lights we believe in making our customers happy by providing quality work. If your not happy for any reason we will do our best to make it right and if after the season you choose to forgo hiring a Christmas light installation service in Houston the light are yours to keep but if you do decide to use us here is what you can expect:

1. We offer complete turnkey service this means we provide the lights, install and take them down then if you wish we offer storage and if you need them at any time we will bring them back to you with a 48 hour notice but we believe most people can find a small tote let us pack them up and then store them for safe keeping.

2. We allow our customers three years of color changing options, if this season you decide you want to have red and white light and next year you want red and green, we will exchange the white bulbs for green bulbs and use the previous strand to decorate one of the nonprofit properties in the greater Houston area.

3. During the season if your lights burn out or become damaged, we will replace them at no charge to you. We remain accessible throughout the season and arrive within 24 hours to repair or replace bulbs weather permitting.

Looking For Christmas Light Installation In Houston?

If your ready to get started with planning your 2021 holiday season then contact Houston Christmas lights. Our team is starting to book for 2021 season and offer both residential and commercial holiday decorating. Our team is trained and insured and serves Harris and Fort Bend County including Cypress, Katy, Sugar Land, Pecan Grove, and River Oaks – call 281-545-7740 or fill out our online form for a free quote today.

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