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Pricing Guide For Christmas Light Installation In Houston

If you have ever collected quotes for Christmas light installation in Houston, to decorate your home for the holidays then you know this can be a little confusing because there are a few different ways companies charge for their services. Sone Christmas light installers in Houston rent their lights others sale their lights and some install the customers lights so today we are going to share with our community, HCL holiday decorating process including:

1. Christmas light installation cost

2. What’s Included in The Price

3. Why Size Matters

4. Installation Christmas lights on a high roof

5. Prices For Different Size of Bulbs

6. Houston Holiday Light Price List

7. Cost to Rent Lights vs Cost to Buy Lights

8. Questions & Answers

9. Do It Yourself or hire a holiday pro

Christmas Light Installation Cost in Houston

Most professional Christmas light installations range from $400.00 to $1000.00 with the higher end being for both materials and labor. Some holiday helpers charge by the hour, others by the size of home, and still others by the linear foot or their all-inclusive packages. According to Home Advisor the average cost for an all-inclusive package is between $400.00 to $1800.00 – this makes trying to compare Christmas light installation companies in Houston rather difficult. At Houston Christmas Lights we are anything but your typical holiday decorating and Christmas light installation company in Houston, and we are proud of that fact. Here is what we include in our services

2. What’s Included in All Inclusive Packages

An all-inclusive package is much like a resort, you can stay at a motel six where they nickel and dime you for every single thing or you can have a package that meets all your decorating needs for one price. At Houston Christmas Lights are pricing is all upfront with no hidden fees, this means we provide the lights and decorations such as wreaths, bows, sprays, and any props that you may want as well as the setup, take down, maintenance, and storage. The best part is these are your lights to keep so the following year the price is less because you already have the materials.

3. The Size of Location Determines The Price

Some Christmas light installers in Houston charge by the size of the home so if you have a home that is a single story, you’re going to pay less than you would if you live in a two-story home. A small home that’s around 1500 square feet may only cost $300.00 where a large home in areas like River Oaks or Memorial City can cost well over $1000.00 this is because the larger the home the more lights the home will need to cover the roof and ridgelines plus the home will take longer for the holiday pros to decorate. Some teams can finish a single-story home in one or two hours, but a larger home may take an entire afternoon. You also need to ask if this includes removal.

4. Why Steep Roofs Cost More For Christmas Light Installation in Houston

The more complex the roof the riskier it is to decorate; some roof lines are so steep they require special boom lifts or taller ladders to reach which is going to increase the price by around 20 percent. Make sure all of these prices are listed in writing so that you’re not expecting to pay one price and billed more once the Christmas lights are installed on your Houston property.

5. How Much Christmas Bulbs Cost

There are dozens of light sizes ranging from mini lights and 5MM to c7 and C9 bulbs, they are different prices because the larger the bulb the less lights the design requires. Most C7 and C9 are spaced 12 inches apart where mini lights come preassembled and more are required. In addition to the size of bulb also there is a difference in price between incandescent lights and LED. Incandescent lights take longer to install because they require more circuits, but they drive your power bill through the roof where LED will only slightly increase your electric bill. Our Christmas light installations in Houston are all done using commercial grade LED that saves energy and are designed to last for several years without needing to be replaced.

At HCL we provide several types of commercial LED Christmas Lights to Choose From Here is A Sample Pricing List

Holiday Light Installation Prices Houston

(A La Carte)

· Led Bulb C9 $2.00

· Led Bulb C7 $1.50

· Mini Lights (set of 25) $20.00

· Handing Light Balls 6 inches $45.00

· Handing Light Balls 7.5 inches $65.00

· Handing Light Balls 10 inches $105.00

· Wreaths from $89.00 to $350.00

· Automated Timers $15.00 to$30.00

7. Renting Vs Buying Lights

If you choose to rent your lights, then the lights are provided for you – the drawl back to renting is you pay for them year after year but if they break or burn out then your maintenance plan covers this plus, they are stored so you never have to worry with them. If on the other hand you choose to purchase the lights, then when a bulb breaks or burns out your responsible for the cost. Over all they both weigh out in price so it makes more sense to use a turn key solution for your Christmas light installation in Houston. Turnkey is also good if you’re wanting to try out decorating for your first time, this way you are not over committed or if you’re a homeowner who likes to change up your scenery from one year to the next. Some of our customers want red and green one year and the next year red and white or all white.

8. Holiday Decorating Facts

Do you change for an estimate?

No, we don’t charge for an estimate, we are happy to come out to your home and show you the lights we have to offer and work with you to create a design for your home at no cost. If your busy, we can also provide a ballpark estimate over the phone at 281-545-7740

Do you offer discounts for early bird Christmas light installation in Houston?

Yes, we have three ways for you to save some extra cash:

1. Early bird- Before November 1st if you book, we take off $100

2. Recycle your old light- We proudly support the Houston zoo wildlife cause; simply donate your used lights and we will give you a $25.00 credit towards the purchase of your new lights.

3. Refer a neighbor or friend who books their service and save $50.00

Do you decorate Christmas Trees?

Yes, we offer holiday interior decorating services including trees, mantels, table settings, staircases, and more.

Why Hire Professional Christmas Light Installations

At Houston Christmas Lights our team is fully trained and insured and offers more than just tossing up lights onto a home but an experience that is second to none. Our work is guaranteed – if you’re not happy we will make it right and better, yet we take every precaution to ensure your hoe is decorated safely so that your roof, gutters, siding, and homes exterior is not damaged while we work. While there is other Christmas light installation in Houston that cost less we are by no means the most expensive but we are the best in quality and service, so give us a call and let this holiday be the best one yet. For your free estimate for local holiday decorating call 281-545-7740

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