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Outdoor Christmas Light Installation In Houston

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Christmas time is in the air again reminding of us of cherished memories from setting up the family tree, holiday shopping, baking cookies for Santa and above all installing outdoor Christmas lights to make your Houston home sparkle brightly signaling it’s that time of year again. While some homeowners enjoy creating their own display, others prefer to sit back, relax, and leave the work of outdoor Christmas light installation to the professionals. Our team at Houston Christmas Lights not only trims your home but install outdoor Christmas lights around your garage, yard, roofline and of course sets out Santa sleigh and eight tiny reindeers or other lawn decor. From an outsiders perspective, in our sub-tropical climate free of snow on the ground its what gives life to your home for the holidays.

Holiday lighting comes in your choice of colors and patterns, some displays have twinkling lights set up to music while others prefer a simpler approach, whatever you prefer our outdoor Christmas light installation team in Houston can provide but if you prefer do it yourself projects and have the time to install your own outdoor Christmas lights then let our team provide a little insight that will make sure your display looks festive and your family has fun, because believe it or not this can turn dangerous

How To safely Manage Your Outdoor Christmas Light Installation

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Step 1: Preparation: To make sure your holiday display happens just as you have anticipated all year long is proper planning. The key to success is all in the details. You need to make sure you have all the lights and materials you need so you’re not halfway through and then suddenly relay you don’t have enough lights, if you are installing retail grade outdoor Christmas lights after December 1st good luck trying to match them in our short supply of lights this year due to the supply bottle neck of COVID. If you are using last year supply, make sure to plug in each strand to test the lights and replace bulbs or strands of lights before climbing onto the roof. If you are using commercial grade lights, then make sure you have all your C7 or C9 size bulbs already screwed into your wires to make the best use of the daytime hours you have, because you don’t want to get almost to the finish line of your outdoor Christmas light installation, and it gets dark with you stuck on a roof.

Step 2: Before working on your roof make sure your ladder is the right height for your home and that you check the surface of your roof. While the winter season in Houston has only mild temperatures and no snow or ice on the roof its still best to give it a once over to make sure that you can safely navigate the roof work you have to do to get the display to look as you envisioned.

Step 3: Make sure to never nail or screw the lights in but use light clips and or hot glue if you are affixing the lights to your brick. Once you step on the ladder make sure to not carry anything, keep your hands free and either use a helper or a bucket tied to a rope to pull up your lights.

Happy Lighting!

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Need Help With Your Outdoor Light Installation?

At Houston Christmas lights we are trained and insured to provide homeowners with only the best outdoor Christmas light installation so that your home is well decorated, safe, and bright all season long. Because of our access to quality lighting, professional equipment like bucket trucks and the right tools we ensure you will receive only the best service, so don’t delay call our team today for a free quote in Houston, Cypress, The Woodlands or anywhere in the greater Houston area.

Call Houston Christmas Lights For Service at 281-545-7740

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