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How to Estimate Christmas Light Installation In Houston?

If you have decided to have your Christmas lights professionally installed in Houston and what to know what this will cost, we are going to show you how you can anticipate the cost using a few factors:

1. Who will hang your lights?

2. Do they charge by the foot or the size of the home?

3. Do they sale or rent lights?

4. Is light removal and storage included?

5. What type of lights are they going to install?

6. Are you wanting a roof line or trees wrapped?

7. Tips to saving some holiday cash

8. Christmas light installation near me

Houston Christmas Light Installation

There are a lot of options when it comes to hiring someone to install Christmas light installation in a city the size of Houston, from the teenager who lives in the neighborhood and is saving money for college to landscapers who offer this service to help when business slow down to hiring a professional that specializes in Christmas lights. Obviously, there is a price difference between the teenager who lives at home and doesn’t have bills to pay and a company that has to pay workers, insurance, and run a business. A teenager may run a $99.00 special but if a company were to charge that same price, they wouldn’t be in business long, and if a company does offer low rates you may want to inquire as to why. We get calls every year after the holidays asking if we remove lights because the “cheap guy” they had install their lights never returned to remove them and we receive just as many calls when the lights go out mid-season and they need to be fixed because the teenager doesn’t have the experience to know why the lights are not working. Yes, we are not the cheapest price Christmas light installation company in Houston but ask any consumer who stands in line for a Starbucks what the difference is between the $5.00 cup of coffee and a cup of coffee at the gas station- it’s the experience and quality that makes lines form around the building. It all comes down to what is most important to you. Price or knowledge, dependability, and an amazing experience.

Do they charge by the foot or the size of the home?

If you chose to hire a Christmas light installation business in Houston, they will either charge by the foot or they will charge based upon the size of your home. Most businesses will charge according to the foot and you’re going to expect to spend somewhere between $2.50 and $6.00 per foot if they also provide the lights, clips, cord, and timer. If the company does not include the lights and uses your lights the price can be reduced to $2.00 and $4.00 for the installation alone if the installation comes with removal and storage after the holidays. If the Christmas light pros you hired to install lights on your Houston property is charging by the size of your home, then during the estimate they will set their price based on the footage of your roofline and peaks as well as if you have a single or double story. Obviously, a two-story home where there is more of a risk cost more to decorate. The package must also be considered, and you want to find out what all the package offers and have everything in writing so your expectations of what to receive is clear. Will they provide the materials, labor, take down, and store the lights or are they going to leave you high and dry after the season? On a single-story home where lights and removal are included you can expect to pay between $700.00 for larger homes you can spend upwards of $1000.00 a two story is going to cost about $300.00 more than a single story.

Do They Sale or Rent Holiday Lights?

Christmas light installation companies in Houston can make a killing during the holiday season because they rent lights that you never own and charge you to store their merchandise…hmmm that doesn’t make much sense if you ask me, yet hundreds of homeowners fall for this marketing ploy every season but what if you don’t like their work, what if after the contract they make you lock into they shoot up their prices? What if you move out of their service area? What our Christmas light business in Houston has chosen to do is to sale lights, this means the first-year cost is more but in the long run it cost less because you only have to invest in lights the first year after that the lights belong to you and whatever you choose to do is strictly a personal choice. We believe we will provide such an amazing custom service and an over-the-top light display that you will choose to come back but if not no hard feelings, we understand needs change. This is one reason Houston Christmas Light does not have contracts, we make the process simple, relaxed, and informal.

Is light removal and storage included?

Most of the businesses that offer holiday lighting has removal and storage included however why should you pay to have them store their own stuff? If the lights are not your property, then let them foot the bill! If however you decided to use Houston Christmas Lights we will store your lights just to keep the clutter in our facility so that you have storage space for other thig s you may need. Every Christmas light installer should remove lights but again we receive plenty of calls after the season because no one returned to take them down. Thankfully those guys generally are weeded out pretty quickly so they only target your area once but who is to say if someone else won’t take their place. Just be smart and read reviews and talk to some of their previous customers over the years.

<img src="Christmas light sizes.png" alt="types of Christmas lights to install in Houston from mini to C9">
Types of Christmas Lights To Install

What type of lights are they going to install?

This should be a given, unless you have never hired a Christmas light installation company in Houston not all lights are the same price. The cheapest lights are retail light, but they don’t burn as brightly or last as long as a commercial grade light and they don’t come with the same warranty. In addition, mini lights and commercial C9 lights don’t cost the same. Mini lights all come in a single strand and range anywhere from $5.00 to $12.00 a strand depending on the length and number of lights needed to complete the display where C9 cost on average $2.00 a bulb plus there are other supplies like cords that have the light sockets the bulbs screw into which cost 41.00 per outlet, clips that attach to your gutters, or hot glue if its brick and the extension cords, and timer that makes everything run. On average there is a bulb per every 12 inches so if your roof is 80 inches long then you will spend $80.00 just on the bulbs.

Are you wanting a roof line or trees wrapped?

Location- Location-Location, makes a huge difference in the cost of your Christmas light installation, If you are having your Houston home done in lights this will be less expensive then having a tree wrapped in 5 mm lights because its more time consuming and requires more lights. If you’re having your holiday lights on a simple roof the price will be lower than if your roof is difficult to walk on and has a lot of peaks and valleys. On average, it will cost $4.00 to $6.00 per foot plus a markup of 15% to 20% for a challenging roof. When it comes to trees it is depending on the circumference of the tree and how many branches you want as well as the design as some trees use novelty lights such as stars or icicles. Some large trees can be over $1000.00 while small trees are $500.00 or less.

Tips to saving some holiday cash on your Christmas light installation in Houston

<img src="Christmas stocking.png" alt="Stocking filled with Christmas cash">
Save Some Christmas Cash With Houston Christmas Lights

If you are a do it yourselfer who has the experience it’s going to cost less money but more time, so how do you save by hiring someone. First start early many of the best companies that install Christmas lights in Houston start booking up when they remove lights so they can plan their schedules accordingly. Other may run a Unplug Special where they install Christmas lights across Houston and leave them unplugged until you r ready to lite up your property and bring the spirit of the season to life. If you missed out booking early then you can still save some money on your electric bill by using a timer that runs everything automatically, so you don’t leave your lights on accidently when you go off to bed and choosing to place your holiday lights where they are most visible, skip the sides of the home that is usually blocked by the neighbors to the left and right of you. You can also save some money by choosing a company that is insured. Working on a ladder and roof can be dangerous and if accident occur on your property and the company is not insured all those dollars you saved by hiring the local teenager or uninsured business is now your responsibility.

Looking For Christmas Light Installation Near You?

If your are looking for a business to light up your home or commercial property this winter look no further than Houston Christmas Lights. Our team is fully capable of handling any size of project, is fully insured, and has three packages for you to choose from to meet all your holiday decorating needs but we do book up early so call today to schedule your free estimate. We are in cities near Houston, Cypress, Katy, Rosenberg and throughout Harris and Fort Bend County. Call us at 281-545-7740

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