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How Early Should I Install My Christmas Lights?

I’ve heard it said a dozen times walking through retail stores “why does Christmas décor come out sooner each year” what many people overlook is all the beautiful displays and twinkling lights takes the average homeowner weeks if not months to plan out which is why people rely on professional Christmas light installers in Houston to do all the work, while they enjoy the fun. Even then depending on the lights your design and home call for can take time assuming you want a holiday display that will make your home sparkle and shine.

At the end of the day, its your home to choose when to install the lights but installing the lights does not necessarily mean you turn them on. In fact many of our customers choose to take advantage of our early bird discount we have coined “unplugged lighting special” this will allow you to celebrate the holidays for months on end or enjoy the holiday lights when you choose to plug them in. Below we will let you know the common timeframe most homeowners in Houston choose to have their lights plugged in.


With the new twinkle lights Houston Christmas Lights offers you don’t just have to enjoy holiday lights you can enjoy lights for every season from Halloween to Independence day. The twinkle light pro is the latest technology in our industry. It offers dozens of premade effects, and everything is controlled by your iPhone, the downside is the twinkly pro is only available through if you have an iOS device, this is any Apple product from a phone to the iPod touch and iPad, just another reason to ask for an apple as an early Christmas gift.

Imagine Halloween lights to greet your trick or treaters, with orange, black or white lights or create a spooky theme complete with ghost and goblins. Whatever your looking to do all the lights can be changed again for Thanksgiving and of course Christmas lights allowing no one in your neighborhood to put us a fuss!

Black Friday

If you want to skip out on all those horribly long lines of people wrapped around the building to cash in on Black Friday sales but want to get into the holiday cheer, then why not install Christmas lights for your Houston home on Black Friday and catch all those same great deals Cyber Monday. Not only do you have your Christmas lights installed but you get to shop from the comfort of your home mask free.

December 1st

The most traditional time for Christmas light installation in Houston is the first day if December, this allows you to have 24 days before Santa arrival and leave the light up until the New Year rolls in. However, if this is your target date don’t wait until the week before to schedule your Christmas light installation service in Houston because in a city with over 2 million people and only a dozen of reputable holiday decorating companies you will be fortunate to find someone available for your targeted date.

When Should You Schedule Christmas Light Installation Service in Houston?

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The sooner you schedule your service the better. I can only speak for Houston Christmas Lights; we start booking when we remove lights in January. With only 6 men on our team this allows us to do approximately 3 to 5 jobs a day depending on the size of the display, the pitch of the roof, and the driving distance between homes, so this means we only serve around 100 customers a year. The sooner you book we are also able to provide you a better selection of lights. I say all that to say September is prime time to book your free designer consultation to ensure your on our list this year and next year get your December 1st targeted date because one of the advantages of being a customer of Houston Christmas Lights is you get your chosen date booked a year in advance.

Looking for a Free Christmas Light Installation Estimate in Houston, TX?

On our website we offer upfront pricing with three packages to choose from, this will give you an idea of what we change and what each package includes. Our festive package starts at $1500.00, and all our lights are yours to keep. We also offer storage if you would rather us keep them until next year. Once you choose a package we will still come out to provide an exact quote based on your home and make sure that you receive the exact design you want and show you a sample of all the lights, colors, and décor we carry for whatever time is the right time for you to choose to install your lights.

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Houston Christmas Lights Installed Lights on Houston Home

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