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Houston Christmas Lights- LED or Incandescent?

Houston Christmas Lights- LED or Incandescent, that is the question, Which is the right style for your home this Christmas.

<img src="Houston Christmas lights.png" alt="Christmas light installation in Houston using LED Christmas lights">
Christmas Light Installation in Houston using LED Lights

Every summer my family and I drive the Houston area hitting community wide garage sales, without fail we always find at least one home where someone is selling their holiday decorations from years before. Items such as collectible ornaments and keepsakes, artificial Christmas trees and stands, gift bags, giant inflatable outdoor decorations, and balls of holiday lights. How do you know if the lights are incandescent or LED Christmas light?

The Short Answer

Without a box it can be confusing to tell light strands apart but there are a few telltale signs to tell if the Christmas lights are LED. Knowing the signs will help you to determine if this is the style of Christmas lights you want to install on your Houston home.

1. Glass Bulbs: In most cases if the bulbs are glass, these are incandescent Christmas lights. There are some glass bulbs also known as novelty lights that resemble these classic holiday lights that are LED.

2. Ultra-Bright- If the lights are super bright then chances are they maybe LED not incandescent lights. If there is a string of lights that are all glass, then likely they are incandescent.

3. Hot To The Touch: Ask if you can plug the lights in and give them a few minutes before touching the bulbs. If the bulbs are hot to the touch, then these lights are not LED Christmas lights. LED do not require heat to become colorful.

4. Old Fashion Filament: When you look at the Christmas light if you see a small glass cylinder inside the bulb especially if these are mini lights this is an incandescent Christmas light.

5. Electric Colors: If the lights are not a soft glow but more radiant then these are the LED Christmas lights to install on your Houston home.

Here is a photo of an LED light and an incandescent light to compare and contrast the differences.

<img src="Christmas lights.png" alt="Christmas lights you can choose from ">
Different Type of Christmas Lights

Why You Want To Install LED Christmas Lights

  • LED lights conserve energy as they do not release heat, this is why when you plug in an

  • LED light, they remain room temperature. Since they do not heat up the way incandescent lights do you install the lights on your Houston home without having to worry about your electric bill skyrocketing, Who wants to pay an arm and a leg for electricity right after you just blew your budget Christmas shopping at the Houston Galleria.

  • LED Christmas lights will not break – If after the holidays you want to remove your holiday décor carelessly you can. On the other hand, glass bulbs are easily broken and must be handle with care

  • They last longer, even if your not using commercial grade C9 Christmas lights you are still going to get more usage from LED lights then you will from incandescent.

One finally notes, while you are out bargain shopping there are a lot of great finds at garage sales and thrift store as they say “another man’s trash, is another man’s treasure” but used Christmas lights are not one of them. One of the reasons Houston Christmas Lights, a professional Christmas light installation company in Houston chose to discontinue even offering retailers lights is the number of complaints we received because the colors were different an you never knew when a light would go out and if it did then you had to replace the entire strand which made us use only professional Christmas lights for our customers in Houston. If you do want an affordable way to decorate your home for the holidays then give us a call and jump in on our early bird specials to customers who choose to have their Christmas lights installed before the holiday rush, then leave the lights unplugged until your ready to kick off the season. Give us a call at 281-545-7740 or visit us online to learn more. We also offer Christmas light installation in Cypress, Sugar Land, Katy, and Richmond.

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