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Houston Christmas Lights Electrical Safety Tips

According to one consumer group Which? who did research on many of the holiday lights consumers buy to decorate their home stated that nearly half of Christmas lights can cause a shock to the person installing them or lead to a house fire if these tips are not followed. Before hanging your holiday lights read these safety tips for a safe and bright season.

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7 Electrical Safety Do's for Houston Holiday Lights

# 1 UL-approved – When a light meets the UL standards you can trust them to be installed on your home or commercial property. UL has a long-standing history with holiday and traditional lights that began over 120 years ago. The UL role when it comes to lights is to make sure your lights meet safety standards, performance regulations, and the UL deters the lights ranking for energy efficient.

# 2 Install Outdoor Approved Christmas lights: This may seem like a no brainer but every year lights get mixed up and inevitably someone install indoor only lights outside their home. The best way to put an end to this confusion is if the tip is marked in red that means these lights can be used outside or inside. Indoor lights are not designed to be water resistant so when it rains, and these lights become wet it creates a safety hazard.

3# Automated Timers: People often forget to turn off their Christmas lights and leaving them on overnight a better option would be to install an inexpensive timer and then set your lights to turn off after 4 to 6 hours once everyone has had time to enjoy them.

# 4 Outdoor Extension Cord: Always invest in an outdoor heavy-duty cord because they have a higher amperage rating. The best ay to tell is either on the cord or the package there will be a big W and most outdoor extension cords are safety orange though recently there have been some cords that come out in retailer that are red and white like a candy cane to match your decoration. Never overload the extension cord as this can lead to overheating the lights and start a fire.

#5 Inspect Your Christmas Lights: Before going through all the trouble of installing Christmas lights on your Houston home or building make sure to plug them in and test them. If you notice bulbs have burnt out or become damaged replace them as these lights could cause a fire. Also check that the cords to your lights are not frayed where electrical wires are showing as this can cause an electrical shock.

#6 Do Not Staple Lights: When you are installing your Christmas lights do not staple or nail the lights the best method is to use hot glue or insulated clips. If you must use staples, then make sure not to staple the light t your shingles this can lead to roof repairs. Instead make sure to stale them to the wood trim and if you are using insulated staples that have a plastic covering.

#7 Removing Christmas Lights: While we wish it could be Christmas every day of the year all this fun will sadly come to n end and generally your Houston HOA will dictate how long Christmas lights can be kept up. Wen you remove them pack them away in a well-sealed container so that rodents and weather can not damage your holiday decorations. Also be safe and label the totes for outdoor and indoor use to avoid any confusion.

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Have A Fire Safe Holiday Season From Houston Christmas Lights

Our family wishes your family a safe and happy holiday, if you are interested in hiring a Christmas light installer to remove the seasonal stress of decorating we can help! We offer interior holiday decorating and Christmas light installation in The Woodlands, Cypress, Sugar Land, Missouri City and throughout greater Houston. Give our team a call at 281-545-7740

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