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Houston Christmas Lights A Tradition or Spectator Sport?

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Houston Football Theme Christmas Lights

This week as the football season kicks off it makes me think of the countless of spectators who love to look at Christmas lights but are missing out on all the fun of holiday decorating. Sure, it fun to get decked up in your favorite ugly Christmas sweater, grab a cup of coffee and go cheer for all those other homeowners who do all the work but being a part of the action is where memories are really made. This year I issue you a challenge instead of waiting for hours in line just to catch a glimpse of Houston best Christmas lights in popular neighborhoods like River Oaks, Prestonwood Forest, and Pecan Grove let your home be the one everyone can’t wait to see. Who knows with some proper planning, a little creativity, and a few weekends of work you can even win the holiday super bowl- you know the little signs that proudly says voted “best in show” or “best in animation” but even if you don’t win, I’d be willing to bet the sport of holiday decorating will be the most fun you have with your family all year? Keep reading and our Christmas light installation team will share all their tips to help make your teamwork a little easier and if you fumble then give our pros Houston Christmas Lights a call at 281-545-7740

Create An Award-Winning Houston Christmas Light Display

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Frozen Holiday Display in Cypress

Every great holiday display starts with preparation not even the Houston Texans can just take the field without first having a game plan in place. This is why in football they have what’s referred to as a winning playbook. The first part is to gather your teammates and make sure every family member is assigned a role, even the youngest teammate can get involved.


The first part of creating an award-winning Houston Christmas light display is to create a theme. This could be as simple as letting the kids choose a theme based on their favorite holiday movie or cartoon character or it maybe having the wife do a little back-end research by going through Pinterest or social media photos. While many homeowners prefer the look of the commercial white C9 Christmas lights unless you want your home to look like everyone else’s think outside the box. Christmas lights come in literally ever color you can imagine from red and green to blue, purple, yellow, and pink. Remember its all about getting in the action and having fun so there is no right or wrong way to do it though you may not want to out a nine-foot tall green Grinch beside a manager scene with baby Jesus.

Some of the popular themes our Christmas light installers in Houston have done over the year include:

· Candyland

· Gingerbread

· Santa Clause is coming to town

· Tropical- especially if you have a palm tree

· Frozen from the Disney Movie

· 101 Dalmatians

· The Grinch

Light Diagram

If Dad has ever played football, then he knows that every coach creates a white board or some type of diagram to explains how to effectively run the ball. Go stand in your neighbor yard across the street for a brief moment and look at your house or drive past your house in the car and see where the best spots are from every angle, so you know where to install your Christmas lights on your Houston home or property. Most homeowners don’t need to add lights to the back or sides of the house unless the side is facing a street or open piece of land. Once you have seen where to add your Christmas lights for the most visibility then measure those areas so you know how many lights you will need to add. If you are investing in commercial C9 Christmas lights, then you only need to add a bulb every 12 to 18 inches. On retail holiday lights most of the light stets ae 50 feet long with 75 bulbs. The issue is there not as bright and brilliant as the colors you will have with professional lighting, and they will only last 2 or 3 years so while the professional lights cost more upfront over the long haul they balance out and your display will look a hundred times better. When your purchasing supplies it sure helps if you don’t make multiple trips to the store so here is a list of common supplies you need to pull your display together.

· Lights & Clips

· Extension Cord- weatherproof & approved for outdoor

· Hot Glue Gun & Sticks: For attaching Christmas lights to bricks

· Ground Stakes for driveways, walkways & yard

· Duck to Dawn Timer_ To make sure turning your lights off and on is automatic

Game Day

This is where all the preparation comes together bit how long it will take all depends on how simple or elaborate your display is and how much experience you have on the ladder. Make sure you have at least one team mate to help you out as installing Christmas lights on your Houston home can be an overwhelming chore! Remind them this is a team effort. You can have one person spot the ladder and another person hand you supply and do runs to the hardware store if necessary because almost always you forget something or don’t have enough. If you have a few helpings hands you may even assign one person to do the groundwork: decorating the bushes, adding lights around the driveway, or wrapping tree trunks. Make sure each section of lights is being tested and that you have enough power supply without tripping a breaker. Remember to stick to the plan and stock up early as lights can often fly off the shelf early in December leaving you scrambling to find matching lights. If your using retail lights always buy one set extra in case, you have any issues with your lights during the season. If you don’t have much experience with holiday decorating or get spooked while installing Christmas lights on your Houston home, you can call your pro team at Houston Christmas Lights for help. WE have been doing this for 20 years and it never fails that we have do it yourselfer who need help because either the pitch of their roof is too steep, and they didn’t want to chance it or need help troubleshooting because their lights are not working as they should.

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Let is Snow in Houston TX

Adding The Wow Factor From Our Christmas Light Installers in Houston

#1 Make Christmas Light Dance to Music

If you are wanting to go all out this season why not add music, I mean what would Monday night football theme be without its famous anthem. Consider songs like Jingle Bells, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, or I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. There are several ways you can do this from having an app on your phone that locates your lights where you can choose the speed of how you want everything to sync together to radio stations that lends out its bandwidth to custom made light shows that can make your light flash to the beat using a control panel. If you are new to all this, then a fully built system straight from the box is best because you won’t have to do any electrical work.

# 2 Make It Snow In Houston

Having a white Christmas in Houston is almost unheard of thought one Christmas Eve in 2004 we did get a real treat of seeing it snow for the first time in record history. If you are dreaming of a white Christmas and don’t want to fly up north, then consider adding a snow machine to create your dream come true. You can purchase one online for around $100.00 then just fill it with the snow juice, plug it in and you will have an instance winter wonderland.

Yard Displays

There is plenty of ways to add to your holiday theme with yard ornaments such as large cut outs of frosty, Santa or the grinch. Simply look online for a pattern, gather some tools like a jig saw and paint and get busy making your theme pop and come to life. Remember the yards that win awards are generally the ones that are well planned out months on advance, have a centralized themes that others haven’t seen in the past and including well light roofs and yard art. If all else fails or you simply do not have the time, then consider calling a Christmas light installation team in Houston.

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Call Houston Christmas Lights

Christmas Light Installation In Houston

One final piece of advance, when we started off Houston Christmas Light, we were just like you, we all start somewhere. As a huge fan of Christmas light, I learned more with each house I decorated. Twenty years later my displays look like no where close to the did those few first years, so it takes practice, time, and experience. If this is something you’d rather not take on yourself then contact us. We offer free estimates and have the game winning plan to transform any home into a one-of-a-kind lighting display. In addition to offering Christmas light installation in Houston we also serve Cypress, Katy, Sugar Land, and Richmond

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