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Houston Christmas Light Buyers Guide

When it comes to choosing the right lights for your home or business most Houston homeowners aren’t all that familiar with the variety of options they have. You may know what a mini light is, but you may not understand the difference between a C6 and a C9, why these matters in how your holiday display look. If you are looking for Houston Christmas Lights this season, then read this buyer guide from our Christmas light installers to choose the best size of bulb for your home or building light show. Let’s start with a few questions

· What shape of bulb is better for my design?

· How many strands of lights do you need?

· What the best color to use?

· How can I conserve energy?

· How do I make my lights last longer?

Types of Christmas Lights Houston Homeowners Can Use For Decorating

<img src="Christmas lights.png" alt="types of Christmas lights you can choose">>

This home uses a variety of lights- the trees are 5 MM the rooftop is C9 the windows have C5, the pathway is lined in C9 as well.

Mini Lights: Most mini lights are incandescent lights, while we love these small glowing lights if one bulb shorts out the whole strand usually goes out. This style is a great way to add lights to garland, wreaths, Christmas trees or holiday indoor projects great for wreaths, trees, and craft projects.

5MM Lights: While these are small lights much like mini lights, they are LED and have a wide angle that makes them idea for wrapping trees or exterior columns. This is the type of Houston Christmas light most installers use in place of mini lights when a design calls for a small bulb.

C6: Bigger than a mini but far smaller than a big bulb, these lights are ¾ inches in diameter and 1 1.8 inches tall – most Houston Christmas light installers do not carry then because of there awkward size but these lights are perfect for tree lighting ceremonies, large artificial wreaths, and foliage lighting such as bushes, tree canopies, and even trunk wraps.

C7 Lights: If you have ever spent a Christmas at Disney, you have seen these lights on the magic castle. At 4 watts and 1.5 inches long, they are an idea size for outlining driveways, sidewalks, and walkways, or stringing on pergolas or fences. If you are seeking a holiday look for a historical building, then a C7 is also a nice touch. You can get these lights in faceted, smooth, or flex filament.

C9 Light: Here is the truth that will ban me from all Houston Christmas light installer gathering this year- but that’s okay. C9 Bulbs have lighter so they can be spaced further apart which makes the installer more money but that doesn’t mean they are the best light for your design. C9 are great for outlining rooftops or large trees but they don’t look good on trees, or wreaths, and you want to space the guts only a foot apart not 1.5 feet this never turns out pretty.

Color Changing Lights: as with the changing of times we now have lights that give you options to change lights every night of the holiday season. The best choice on the market that Houston Christmas Light pros use is Twinkly or RGB Lights. Much like pool lights they can be changed via your phones smart app and can be indoors as well as outside.

Battery Operated Lights: If you are thinking of driving your car in a Christmas parade this season then you want to use battery operated lights. This light can also be used where there is no power source or if you need waterproof lights say a pool party. Just be careful as most of these lights only run about 4 to 7 hours before needing to be recharged.

Net Light: If you’re a do it yourselfer who want your bushes to look well light during the holiday season then net lighting is the way to have a uniformed look.

Icicle Lights: There are two types of icicle lights you may want to consider; one will drip light and is great for hanging in trees while the second is for your roof top edges. If you want a white Christmas in Harris County, this is your chance.

Rope Lights: If you want to add Christmas lights to your deck, patio, railing, stairs, balcony. then consider using rope lights. These lights are bendable due to their PVC tubing so they are really easy to use just about anywhere and if you go for white or green you maybe able to get away with using these lights all year long.

Spotlights: I have a neighbor who is an elderly gentleman and doesn’t really care for Christmas lights but because we go all out last year he added a few color bulbs to his landscape lighting that gave his home a red and green Christmas glow.

<img src="bulb sizes.png" alt="list of Christmas lights for homes">

How Many Strands Of Holiday Lights Do You Need

Roof top: If your using commercial grade C9 Christmas lights or even C7 then you can space them a foot apart and this will still provide you with a well lit roof top.

Trees: If your using 5MM lights you want to use about 200 lights for every 1.5 foot of tree. Do nit use C9 on a tree as this can be a fire hazard.

Windows: Depending on what style of light your using ( good choices are C 5, 5MM) then you want to space them every 18 inches apart

Whatever you choose to do, make it your own design, get creative and have fun but be careful not to overload the circuit by plugging too many lights together. Christmas lights have a maximum wattage they are designed to blow a fuse to prevent a house fire if too many lights are joined together.

Houston Popular Christmas Colors This Season

The most classic and timeless look that is a popular choice among Harris County homeowners and businesses is white but you have two different choices one is ultra bright the other is warm light. The biggest difference is one is warm white has a yellow tone that looks much like the color you use to have from incandescent holiday lights. Pure white is the brightest and the color most preferred. However the choice for this year is twinkly RGB lighting . Why have one choice when you can have multiple. Let the kids have a night of the week where they each get to decide how they want the house to look so that everyone has impute in this years design.

Conserve Energy With LED Christmas Lights

The best way to conserve energy and keep your electric bill only slightly elevated is to use LED Christmas lights. They use 85% less energy than the incident lights are grandparent owned and this leads to our final point as well.

How to make your lights last longer: LED bulbs last up to 100,000 hours verses 3000 hours that you get from incandescent lights. Also make sure that you set an automated timer that will turn the lights off and on automatically not only is this a great way to save energy but it will keep you and your householder safer. No worrying about turning off the lights when you head off to bed, you can set the programmer in advance and run them for 4 to 6 hours a night.

Looking for A Houston or Cypress Christmas Light Installer

<img src="Houston Christmas light installer.png" alt="Houston Christmas Light installation company installing lights ">
Lon installing Christmas Lights For A Houston homeowner

At Houston Christmas Light we take on the headache so that you don’t have to worry about a thing, we will help you with choosing the right Christmas lights for your home or commercial property, install the lights, remove the lights and if you wish store the lights so that all you have to do is watch the magical display come alive. We offer free designers consultation and have started to take orders for the upcoming season so get started now an lets make this a holiday season to remember. Call 281-545-7740 or visit us online.

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