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Get The Most Out Of Your Katy Christmas Light In October

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While Halloween isn’t the way it uses to be with a flood of kids going door to door and everyone in the neighborhood handing out candy, if you want to see all those cute costumes and have a chance to meet your neighbors consider having your favorite Christmas light installation team in Katy, get you ready by adding eerie vibes to your yard at Halloween and then change them over for a fun and festive yard at Christmas and with using our low voltage lighting you wont have to worry about your bill shooting sky high. So, enjoy your lights longer by following these five tips.

Commercial Christmas Lights

Unlike the store-bought Christmas lights sold across Katy hardware stores, commercial grade Christmas lights have bulbs that simple screw into the socket making them easy to replace if a bulb breaks or burns out, but it also makes them easy to change the lights so consider using orange and purple lights for Halloween and then change the bulbs to your favorite Christmas colors maybe the traditional red and green Christmas colors or for a wintery look have blue and white Christmas lights. If your installing hem along your roof and ridge line, then we recommend either using C9 or C7 bulbs and if you are wrapping an outdoor tree then use mini or 5 mm lights.

Consider a Theme

<img src="orange and purple lights.png" alt="Spooky halloween theme using purple and orange christmas lights">

Most of our Katy Christmas light customers choose themes so that all their wooden cuts out or holiday props match, one very popular theme thanks to the Disney movie is “Nightmare before Christmas” Choosing a theme will allow you to use cuts out and other holiday decorations that can serve double duty.

Spooky Shadow

<img src="mini lights.png" alt="trees wrapped with mini Christmas lights">

Consider using your white Christmas lights for a shadowy effect, to make your lights look creepy install them along the ground using stakes then tilt them upwards and position cut outs in front of the light or take those lantern bags that has jack lantern on them and place them over the lights so when things pass in front it creates a scary shadow.

Create Fog

Using your fog lights take rope lights and ad them to the ground so it reflects around the fog adding to your fright festive yard. Using red Christmas lights will give the fog a touch if a blood themes or using green Christmas lights will look like poison floating in the air. If you need help creating a theme that works for both Halloween and Christmas contact your Katy Christmas light installers for help.

Twinkly Lights

Today’s modern technology has allowed every industry to advancements and Christmas lights are no different. Katy Christmas light enthusiast now have the opportunity to have smart lighting they can operate with their cell phone that allows them to change the lighting designs and colors at the touch of a button so maybe during Halloween you want to use black lights or dark blue for a dungeon or haunted house theme or maybe a blood red perfect for a graveyard theme then again switch it up for Christmas to pink, white, or yellow. Since twinkly lights are completely customizable don’t forget to also add music that will bring even more uniqueness to your theme and change the effects so they can appear like a strobe light.

<img src="Christmas light installation.png" alt="Katy Christmas light installation">

Why Hire Our Christmas Light Installation Service In Katy?

· Our technicians are fully trained and insured

· We are locally and family owned

· We provide a 100% Guarantee

· All-inclusive package it cost no more to add lights for both seasons in fact it cost less.

If your going to install your own lights read our safety guide

Save Money On Your Christmas Light Installation In Katy!

Let our team get you ready for both holidays and if you book your service before November 1st, you save $100.00! Now that’s an even better reason to decorate for both holidays but who needs one- lights are fun and festive and our team is standing by to help so call our experience Christmas light installation service in Katy and let the fun begin! For a free quote call 281-545-7740 or visit us online.

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