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Donate Your Houston Christmas Lights

While LED lights have been out for years to weed out of most of the iridescent style lights that we used when we started Houston Christmas Lights, if you have decided to hire a holiday pro to install your Christmas lights in Houston, chances are their packages comes with lights so what do you do with last year’s Houston Christmas lights? Well, you could toss them in the trash can but that doesn’t feel right, or you could donate them. Yes, that feels so much better then the cold and unceremonious way of departing with something that has brought you so much joy and it keeps your unwanted Houston Christmas lights out of landfills and the trash. In fact, Houston Waste Management Department says that even if you out your discarded Houston Christmas lights in the recycle bend that it can break down their equipment. But thanks to several businesses including our beloved Zoo, there is a better solution!

Places To Recycle Your Houston Christmas Lights

This Christmas whether you have decided to hire a holiday lighting pro who provided lights, or you simply pull your lights down from the attic only to discover a broken bulb or burnt fuse that has caused the remained f your lights to stop working, instead of tossing them into the trash we encourage you to donate your Christmas Lights to the

Houston Zoo. When you donate your Christmas lights to the Houston Zoo, you not only keep our landfills less cluttered but you will help save animals, and if you still need a better reason call Houston Christmas Lights gives any new customers who donates their lights so we can take them to the Zoo on your behalf a $25.00 discount off the purchase of your new lights.

Hardware Stores: Another location where you can recycle your Houston Christmas lights is at your local Home Depot. Their recycle program makes it easy to toss away your old Houston Christmas lights while shopping for some new lights.

Good Will: As many people know Goodwill runs several thrifts stores throughout Harris County where the proceeds go to help men and women in underserved communities.

Where To Buy New Houston Christmas Lights

Once you have parted ways with your old incandescent or LED Houston Christmas, you can not delay getting new lights and there is no better place then Houston Christmas Lights. While many Houston Christmas light installers only lease lights our company sells you the lights and provided several packages for you to choose from but if you are a homeowner who prefers climbing up on the roof and has the time then we recommend the next thing to commercial Christmas lights, Home Depot! They use a retail brand called Home Accent that is the highest retail brand you can buy. Like commercial grade lights if one bulb burns out the Remainder of your strand will stay lit up. However, unlike commercial grade Christmas lights you can cut them to your home, change out the bulbs, and they will not last for 100,000 hours so they will need to be replaced more frequently yet commercial lights and will not shine as brightly. If you are looking for Houston Christmas lights and a company that provides an experience you will remember for years to come, then look no further. Call Houston Christmas lights. Our services include:

  • Free Estimate

  • Design Consultation

  • Light & Material

  • Set Up

  • Maintenance

  • Take Down

To learn more or receive a free price estimate call 281-545-7740 to get started or visit us online.

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