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Christmas Light Safety Tips For Houston Homeowner

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Every year homeowners spend time unraveling lights, checking for broken or burnt-out bulbs, and dealing with ladder to install Christmas lights across Houston, Katy, and Sugar Land. Not only is this time consuming but it can be dangerous if you do not follow property safety precautions. According to the Electrical Safety Counsel (ESFI) there are 150 home fires because of Christmas lights not to mention an estimated 15,000 holiday decorating accidents between the months of November and January many of which could have been avoided by following a few basic rules, One wife shares a story of how her husband a professional light installer died hanging Christmas lights you can click here to read the article. Please folks be careful! For this reason and the countless of other accidents that occur during the holidays we sat down with the owner of Houston Christmas Lights to ask Lon to share some expert tips that you want to make sure to follow if you are taking the do-it-yourself approach.

The first thing you want to do when you take down the boxes of lights you are going to be installing from the attic is to check your lights for frayed or damaged cords especially at the ends and for any loose connections. When cords are worn out or damaged, they can lead to flare ups. We recommend that if your using lights that have antique bulbs to replace them or if the lights are more than 3 to 5 seasons old as they have a higher propensity to go out or even short circuit which can be dangerous. If you are going to be replacing lights using new lights you want to ensure the box states, the lights have been safety tested and approved for outdoor usage. Once you have made sure your Christmas lights are in good working order you want to make sure the ladder your using is safe as well. When your climbing onto a ladder uses three points of contact that means use both feet and one hand. Face the ladder at all times. To install the lights, you want to use clips that either attach onto your gutters or you want to hot glue the tips but don’t use nails or screws that can puncture the wiring. When your using electric cords if there is an end that is left unplugged you want to make sure to wrap it tightly with blue painters tape to avoid water getting into the connector and having your lights stop working. Lastly you also want to set up a dusk to dawn timer that will turn your lights off and on automatically so they you don’t have to worry with having to remember. You can pick up a pretty good timer at your local Home Depot store.

Installing Outdoor Christmas Lights On Tree

Another safety precaution for any homeowner in Houston wanting to install Christmas lights on a tree. First make sure your tree is healthy that there is no dead bark or disease that could break under the extra weight, Again make sure the light is for outdoor usage and stay on a ladder don’t try to be Tarzan and scurry up the treetops. When working on a ladder have someone spot you to make sure the ladder doesn’t tilt or sway. As your wrapping the lights you also want to secure them as you make a lap around the tree trunks. The best way to secure them wis using electrical tape, this will keep them from coming unraveled or sliding down the base of the tree to the bottom.

If you would rather have someone else check this off your holiday decorating list, give Houston Christmas Lights a call. Our Christmas light installation including everything from the lights to maintenance and removal after the holidays. We even offer Holiday interior decorating but hurry our schedule does fill up fast 281-545-7740 or visit us online for a free estimate.

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