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Christmas Light Installation Tips For Houston Businesses

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As business prepare for the busiest time of year have you considering hiring a Christmas light installation service in Houston as one of the ways you can entice shoppers and consumers to visit your store, hotel, or restaurant? Holiday decorating is a great tool to promote your business without breaking the bank. Today Houston Christmas Lights is going to share how to use holiday decorating as a marketing tool to attract more customers not just during now but for the upcoming year.

Affordable Holiday Decorating Ideas

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Windows: Do you have a store front window that faces a busy street? If so, why not clear some space and add an artificial tree with bright lights and show case some of your best-selling items underneath it. The tree will catch their eye and if you have gifts on their list their looking for this just may want to make them take a further look inside. Chances are other businesses in the area will also be decorating so make sure to stay competitive especially if you’re a new business in the area and people don’t realize you exist.

Awnings: Consider using your commercial awning or front door as a place to hang a beautifully decorated wreath or garland. Your wreath can have your company logo attached to the center of the wreath with some twinkling lights, just be careful whatever Christmas decorators you use to not to add too much weight. On your awning you can also add white light or images from Santa to stars and other winter theme decorators.

Holiday Props: Many people assume holiday prop rentals are just for the mall or neighborhood Santa but there are a lot of props that you can add if you have a front lawn for your business. Maybe you want to add a prop that people can use for snapping selfies with your signage out front in their photo, they just gave you some free advertising.

Patio: If you are a restraunt with an outdoor patio, since our weather is never

Rooftops: While things such as windows and awning you can do yourself or if you don’t have the time call a company that offers such services, if you are going to add lights on a rooftop it may be best to call a Christmas lights installation pro in Houston to do it for you for two reasons first it can be time consuming, and the more important reason is for your safety.

Patio: Are you a restaurant in Houston with an outdoor patio? In our subtroic climate we still have plenty of nice weather days where you customers could enjoy bsitting outside and looking at lights or maybe even add a tree, or if you have a fireplace why not add a couple of stockings or some poinsettias.

Whatever size of location you have your sure to find space for a a festive display just use your imagination or choose a theme, there is really no wrong or right way to decorate!

How Long Does It Take To Install Christmas Lights?

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This all depends on the type and size of the building being decorated. Obviously the larger and taller the building is, the longer it will take but here rare a few other things to consider:

What type of lights will you be using?

If your using mini lights they are spaced closer together so they are more labor intensive and take longer than if you were to use larger lights like commercial C9 that can be spaced twelve to fifteen inches apart.

Will you be adding other decorations; If you’re only decorating your roof its not going to take as long to install Christmas lights on your Houston property then say adding trees, garland, and bows.

Experience: One of the biggest deciding factors beside the size of your building is how experienced the person is and the size of their crew. If someone has years of experience it may not take but a few hours or if they have a few men instead of just two. You can always count that any Christmas light installation business in Houston has a minimum of two people because that’s the ladder law for our state.

Questions To Ask A Houston Christmas Light Installation Professional?

If you want to locate a service to provide you with holiday interior decorating or commercial Christmas light installation in Houston, then you need to ask them a few questions to ensure you have the right team for the job. Some of the questions include:

Do you have insurance coverage, and can you provide a W-9?

If they are a legitimate business, they should have no problems providing you the paperwork your business needs. If they can’t provide coverage its best to look elsewhere.

Do you have referrals we can speak to?

Ask to see photos of work they have done in the past, who knowns this may just spark an idea.

Does the service also include removal and how soon after the holidays will you take down my decorations?

Most businesses are all inclusive such as Houston Christmas Light, that means that the light, set up and take down as well as storage are a part of your package.

Can you show examples of your products, such as lights, wreaths, trees, and garland?

What’s your policy to ensure my customers are not bother while you’re installing my Christmas lights?

Most Houston Christmas light installers will work after hours or on a day your closed so that your business is not interrupted while your busy decorating, Take Chick-Fil-A as an example, we have been doing their lights for a few years but always on a Sunday because there closed though it’s pretty amazing how many people drive by to check and see if their open.

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Do you have to enter into a contract?

The reason most commercial Christmas light installers in Houston ask you to enter into a contract is because they stay filled up and this ensures that your date is secured. However, if your do sign into a service agreement make sure that you can cancel at any time in case your business needs change.

Are you looking for professional Christmas light installation in Houston? Then make sure to call Houston Christmas Lights at 281-545-7740 for all your holiday decorating needs. Not only do we serve Houston but we also offer Christmas light installation in Katy Estimates are free and we would be happy to make sure your business has the perfect wintery display to promote your business and outdo your competition!

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