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Christmas light installation Houston Lighting Guide

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Christmas Light Installation In Houston

Many of the Christmas lights installed around Houston look different then the rest but have you ever stopped to wonder why? Well today we are going to share some of the different types and kinds if lights we have found to be the best to use and tell you why, so if you are a Christmas enthusiast listen up and let the holiday fun begin!

Choosing The Right Christmas Lights For Your Houston Home

Just as most every industry has advanced over the past century so has Christmas lights, today you can literally run your own light show using your smart phone. In addition to different styles of lights there are also different size bulbs, and grades. It can all be overwhelming but what you need to keep in mind is that you whatever brand you choose stick to it because if your buying lights at a retail store the brightness can fluctuate and the color of strands that connect the lights together, using different brands can turn whole display into a mismatched nightmare that makes you not even want to hit the on switch.

Retail Lights: As with everything these lights have their pros and cons. The benefit to retail lights is they can be picked up last minute at almost any store around Harris County, they are disposable, and the initial these lights are the most affordable solution for your holiday decorating. The downside is they only last two or three season before they need to be replaced, if one bulb burns out often the rest of the lights on the circuit will as well. Another disadvantage to retail lights is they vary in color so you may find some of the white lights are more dimly lit then the rest of the lights on your home. If you choose retail lights you want to make sure you choose the same brand, pick up a few extra boxes to have on hand and make sure you only plug in the recommended number of lights, so you don’t trip a breaker.

Commercial Grade: These are the type of Christmas light our installation team in Houston prefers. First let us share the cons: you won’t find them in a store, so unless you work or buy from a professional company you likely won’t be able to obtain them. If you do, then you will need to know how to create your own light strands to plug in your bulbs as well as jumpers. A jumper is a power source that connects the lights together. Each of the strands have to be custom cut, while this is a downside for many do it yourselfers there is an upside to this. There are not cords and wires running all around your home, so it creates a more professional and polished look. The advantage to these lights is they run 100 ,000 hours this means the average homeowner who runs their Christmas lights from the Friday after Thanksgiving until January 1st from dusk until dawn can use these lights for 8 to 10 years. While initially they cost more you won’t have to replace them frequently. They also have 5 diodes per light so they are brighter and look 100 times better than retail lights.

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Different Size of Christmas Bulbs

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Different Types of Christmas Lights

When it comes to choosing the right size of bulb for your display, that all depending on where you want the lights to go. Not only is a variety of bulbs sizes but there are also various styles from novelty lights like snowflakes and rope lights to netting lights that you can toss on your bushes to fairy lights, dome lights, color changing lights and curtain lights. Its endless what all you can create!

While we don’t have the time to cover an in depth look at all the styles you can choose from, we will look at some of the most requested styles and size of Christmas lights our installation team in Houston has to offer.

Mini Lights: These lights are often referred to as twinkle lights because they seem to twinkle when a gentle breeze comes through, they have also been produced longer than other types of lights. If you want to wrap a tree indoor or outdoors this is a great choice, but our team has moved from mini lights to 5 mm lights- they are about the same size however mini lights only last 3,000 hours are they are incandescent which means they have to heat up and this is the leading cause of tree fires around the holidays.

C3: Less common then mini or 5 MM lights but they look amazing on indoor tree, these are the lights our holiday interior decorators use. They also work well for bushes, shrubs, flowerbeds and anywhere you want to drape lights such as along the top of a fence or on ceiling for holiday parties.

C6: These medium size bulbs came out prior to LED, so they have been around for a while, if you want your lights hung closer together along your gutter lines, they are still a great option but our Christmas light installation service in Houston uses these so sparingly that you must get on the ore order list by November 1st if this is the style you want to go with the C6 lights.

C7: Larger than the C7 bulbs but not as large as the C9 bulbs so they look great for outlining roofs on a home or commercial building, on the crown of trees, and staked along sidewalks and walkways.

C9: The most request size of bulb we use is the C9, they last for years and are almost indestructible. They can tossed around and still shine just as brightly. The main difference between a C9 you find in a store and from a Houston Christmas light installer is that the type of light you find in retailers are actually mini lights that have a covering and the size of light emitter in a commercial light is 5 times more superior. These lights are so bright they can be spaced 12 to 15 inches apart and still outshine most of the homes in your neighborhood. C9 also comes in every color of the rainbow from bright white to pure white Christmas lights to fire engine and burgundy red, green, blue, pink, orange, yellow, purple, the list goes on and on! Th only thing we don’t recommend is using these lights for foliage- they are too large of a bulb for wreaths and trees.

Leasing Lights Vs Buying Lights

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Don't Get Wrapped Up In Light Call Our Houston Christmas Light Pro's

Some of the Houston Christmas light installation companies offer lease lights, this is an all-inclusive service so that you don’t have to worry about a thing everything is provided from the light to the labor (set up and removal) and then storage after the holidays. On the flip side if you move or decide you want to attempt hanging your lights, then you have to purchase them. With buying lights, you are responsible for the lights and labor. This is a great option if you know how to use a ladder and have the time. It all comes down to what’s most convenient for you and your family.

Looking For All Inclusive Christmas Light Installation In Houston?

If you are looking for a team who will remove the stress of holiday decorating or Christmas light installation in Houston, Katy, Cypress, or anywhere in Harris County look no further than Houston Christmas Lights. Our services include everything we listed plus when you work with us you can expect the following:

24 Hour Maintenance: If you have any issue with your lights give us a call and we will have a member of our service team to your home or commercial property within 24 hours, weather permitting.

100% Guarantee On Time: We know the season is short, we guaranteed to have your lights installed on the date you agreed too unless its raining. If we don’t then we knock $50.00 off the bill.

Insured and Trained Installers: Our team has been installing lights in Katy and the surrounding area for years, we train every team member and carry a $1 million dollar insurance policy.

Safety First Company: We always follow all best practices to keep our team and your home safe. You can rest assured we wont harm your roof, gutters, or windows and if we do, we pay to fit it.

Free Estimate: When you give us a call we provide you with a ballpark estimate over the phone, we are not the cheapest Christmas light installation in Houston, but we do the job right. Then we come out to provide an exact quote, discuss your choice of bulbs, colors, and design, set your date for service.

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