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As a Houston Christmas light installation company every year we notice that the majority of our customers choose white lights and while it’s a favorite color there are so many other alternative colors that can make your home really stand out so if you’re an outside the box homeowner listen up as we share some of our favorite festive colors for your holiday lighting display.

Go Astros!

With our Houston Astros heading out to the World Series why not choose an Astro Holiday theme. Consider mixing in some of those left-over Halloween orange lights and creating a homerun for our town, team, and creating a unique theme that’s sure to be the talk of your neighborhood. Watch this video from 2017 when the Astros won the world series at what this light enthusiast did to decorate his home.

for some holiday lighting inspiration and If baseball is not your favorite sport consider a Texans or Rockets theme with blue and red holiday lights.

Think Pink

Love, Generosity, Kindness, that’s what the holidays are made of or sugar spice and everything nice- femininity either way you can not go wrong using pink Christmas lights and if your homeowners association allows leave them up a little longer than normal, so your holiday display serves double duty come Valentine’s day. You may consider adding pink to trees, rooflines, or around a Bayfront window,

Support Our Troops

If you have a spouse, son or daughter coming home for the holidays why not show your support with some red, white, and blue holiday lights. Along the same lines you may also want to hang blue lights for or heroes who have passed in the line of duty rather military, police, or fire fighters blue lights is a great way to show your support during the holidays

You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch

Think avocado green for the pot belly character that has stolen Christmas make sure to use this as a theme by adding a carboard or chloroplast cut out.

Purple Passion

Consider using purple Christmas lights the color that signifies royalty, majesty, and creativity. Its also a color that can serve double duty at Halloween or for Mardi Gras. Again, think outside the box whatever color you choose.


If you can’t think of one color, consider having a multitude of light colors be sure you know how many Christmas lights to install on your Houston home and then alternate the bulbs if your using 5 different colors then the 1st, 6th, and 12 bulb should all be the same color so that they run in a sequence.

Think Unique Christmas Lights

If you are working with a professional Christmas light installer in Houston like Houston Christmas Lights, then chances are they have plenty of lights that you will not find on the shelves of a retail store that will make your home for the holidays look unique.

· Metter lights: Consider lights that resemble icicles but instead drip lights, there really fun to add to large tree branches.

· Christmas Balls: These balls come in a variety of sizes with the most popular being 6 and 12 inches.

· Icicles: If you want a white Christmas in Houston then consider the next best thing and use icicle lights

· Light Links: Unlike traditional bulbs these lights all link together on a small steel frame in snowflakes, starburst, or candy canes.

· RGB Lights: The funniest if all lights that provides plenty of design options is RGB lights also known as smart lights for their ability to be controlled by your phone. RGB Christmas lights allow you to change your displays color, pattern, and the sped of your lights.

Looking For A Professional Christmas Light Installer In Houston?

Your look for the best Christmas light installer in Houston that offers a variety of lights and designs is over, visit Houston Christmas Lights online to learn more or call 281-545-7740 for a estimate for your outdoor holiday display.

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