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5 Ways To Make Christmas Light Installation Easy

While this is the most wonderful time of year consequently it’s the busiest, Christmas lights can be time consuming especially if you’re a novice at decorating but with a few helpful tips for Houston Christmas Lights anyone can have a beautiful home decked out for the holidays. Today we are going to share the top five ways to make your home look more festive this season in under five hours. Before we do let us give you a few suggestions for prepping as this is half the battle. First write out a list of all the supplies you are going to need including gutter clips and cords, so you do not have to make countless trips back and forth to your local hardware store. If you are using holiday decorations and lights from last year, make sure to plug them all to make sure they work. We also suggest enlisting at least one other person who can help as this will shorten the time and make sure your safe working on a ladder.

<img src="Christmas  Lights.png" alt="Christmas lights on tree trunk">
Tree Trunk Netting Light

# 5 Wrapping Trees & Shrubs: While outdoor trees wrapped in twilling mini lights are beautiful to look at if you’re a novice you can expect to spend an entire day wrapping mini lights on a mature tree and shrubbery. Instead invest in netting lights that can easily and quickly wrap around the trunk of trees or be ran through shrubs make sure to hide the cords inside the greenery and then turn them on when it gets dusk to fill in any gaps. Get more festive and alternate colors don’t just stick to white think of red, green, and blue lights or go with multicolored. Remember one of the funniest parts of Christmas light installation in Houston is that it can be as unique as your family and no two families are alike so let your creativity flow.

<img src="Christmas light installation.png" alt="Houston Christmas light installation">
Houston Christmas Light Installation

# 4 Rooflines: Install Christmas lights along your Houston roof but only the front as unless you have a corner home or building you won’t notice the sides or the back. You can space commercial C9 lights up to 18 inches apart and still have them add plenty of holiday flare and if your fairly handy on a ladder then you will only spend two to four hours hanging them. Don’t use staples instead only use gutter clips or if you have brick add beads of hot glue

<img src="Cypress holiday lights.png" alt="LED holiday lights in Cypress">
Christmas LED Spotlights & Netting Lights

# 3 Spotlights: Add a few LED holiday spotlights to add a warm glow to trees, flower beds, or that beautiful door wreath if your already using landscaping lights ask your landscaper to switch out the bulbs to holiday colors and if you really want a wow effect add a mini projector to the front of the home which can create a snowy winter scene or use wood cutouts such as Santa or Frosty to add to your front yard then make sure your spotlight shine on them, so they can be enjoyed daytime or night.

<img src="rope lights.png" alt="Christmas LED rope lights ">
Christmas Rope Lights

# 2 Rope Lights: Wrap some flexible rope lights to the pillars on your porches and mailbox tie the ends with red velvet bows or add a Christmas wreath to your door and windows, this is simple and easy but looks great especially if you are crunched for time.

Hire a Christmas light installation Company in Houston

<img src="Houston Christmas lights.png" alt="we hang Christmas light in Houston">

The easiest way and quickest way to install Christmas lights in Houston is to call a professional for help. Houston Christmas lights has years of experience in holiday decorating for inside and outside and will do all the work while you sit back and relax or spend the day out holiday shopping for your family and friends. Then after the season we will return to remove your holiday lights and at your request we can even store them. Our estimates are free, and we offer a variety of lights, colors, and design options for you to choose from but hurry because we book up quickly. Call 281-545-7740 or visit us online to book your free designer consultation.

Houston Christmas Light Service Area

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