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Holiday Light Installation In Cypress

The Woodlands Christmas Light Installation 


Our Christmas Light Installers make the holiday a whole lot brighter and easier for The Woodlands- Contact us for a free quote at 281-545-7740

Are you a homeowner in Montgomery County who is tired of hanging your outdoor Christmas lights?  Can’t take one more season of climbing up the shaky ladder, risking your safety messing with electricity. There is another solution for all you Clark Griswold’s- Houston Christmas Lights offer The Woodland residents and businesses Christmas light installation while you sit back, relax, and leave the hassle to our experienced team. For over twenty years we have helped to design the best holiday displays in your neighborhood. We are locally and family owned, licensed, and insured and offer complete turnkey services, so make this a happy holiday by calling 281-545-7740 for a free designer consultation today.

Houston Christmas Lights Promise & Guarantee

Fast Quote: The Christmas Season is short, when you contact us, we won’t leave you waiting around for another holiday decor company to get back to you. In most instances we can provide you a ballpark figure over the phone.

Design: Our goal is to provide every homeowner in The Woodlands Christmas light installation service that is unique as you. To do this our designer works closely with you to create a plan for a vibrant holiday display that is personal to you and your family. Whatever you dream, our team can design.

Materials: We offer the largest selection of holiday decor in our area from life-size props to Christmas trees, wreaths, garland, swags, and of course lights in a variety of sizes and colors. All of the products we use are commercial grade and come with a three-year guarantee.  Our lights are custom cut to your home or office, so they are yours to keep.

Creation: We are a safety-first company this means all of our techs are properly trained and insured to work on your project. We arrive on time and work quickly while paying attention to every detail so that you will love the finished project rather that is setting up a front yard holiday display or installing roof lights on your roof top and trees.

Maintenance:  We can’t predict the weather, but we can predict our schedules, simply give us a call if you have any issues with windblown lights or a burnt-out bulb, we will return within 24 hours free of charge.

Removal: All removals are scheduled when you book your service so you won’t be left guessing when a company will show up to remove the or if they will even show up at all, its all include in our price.

Storage: Most homeowners dislike having to figure out where to put their lights once they are removed, while these are your lights to keep, we do offer storage.

Warranty: After two decades in the industry, we are so confident in the quality of our Christmas light installation services that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you’re not happy then neither are we and we will make it right whatever it takes.

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Why The Woodlands Choose HCL For Christmas Light Installation?

The Best Places To See Christmas Lights in The Woodlands

Since 1999 our team has been recognized in our industry for our award-winning designs and our top-notch customer care. Our motto has always been people before profit, and it always will be.  We work hard to fulfill the Christmas wishes of the families and businesses we serve because let’s face it no one needs lights, it’s a luxury service and creating an experience is just as important as The Woodlands Christmas lights we install. Call today for a hassle-free holiday quote or to schedule your service.

There is something special about the holidays but what would Christmas be without all the dazzling lights that makes the heart soften and the joy come alive! Here is our Countdown of favorite neighborhoods across The Woodlands to see Christmas lights starting at


# 3: The Village of Panthers Creek- What started off as a tragedy is today a holiday tradition. These homeowners begin decorating when a young man lost his life in 2000. To get to the Creek Pike subdivision head south on Glen Loch at the middle school then turn left on Tangle Bush. When you see the green tubes light this is not a holiday decor but a way this local neighborhood keeps their children safe. To check your on the right route just look for a scene from the popular holiday movie, Christmas Vacation. You also want to catch the award-winning best home in The Woodlands at 83 N Windsail Place.


# 2 Alden Bridge: This neighborhood lights are breathtaking, and you’ll definitely want to cruise through Bethany Place to see the colossal size candy canes along the curb. Also, while visiting Alden Bridge see Redland place before heading over to one of our holiday favorites in The Woodlands – Whoville. This circle is dedicated to the popular Jim Carey movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” Dial into 87.9 to enhance your drive through experience and if traffic permits stop out for a phot opt. Also make sure to drive through the lighted arches on Crisp Morning Circle.


# 1 The Heights

 With a website, patrol, and a scavenger hunt this is a must see for any holiday enthusiast. If you happen to have a family member that’s a bit of a scrooges, it may turn them into a festive fanatic when they see Woody Woodland. This display has over 25,000 twinkling lights, nearly four miles of cables and integrated technology that will make you smile. For more information about all what The Woodland Heights has to offer follow them online to learn all about their magical holiday scenes. https://www.woodland-heights.org/lith/

After you see all the lights of The Woodlands and want to create your own families holiday magic contact The Woodland Christmas Light Installation Team at 281-545-7740