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The holidays are fun and festive, a time to share with loved ones and friends but let’s be honest, Christmas is the peak selling season for retail stores and shopping malls. The National Retail Federation (NFO) stated that in spite of COVID last year holiday shoppers spent between $202.5 billion and $218.4 billion buying gifts for their loved ones and friends but more and more of those purchases are occurring online. If you are looking for a way to draw shoppers into your brick-and-mortar store hiring a Christmas light hanging services can get you a share of the billion-dollar pie. In fact, a study reported that retail stores and shopping malls across the U.S.  who took advantage of Christmas light installation notices a 9.5% increase in customers, this same study also reported that retailer make 20 percent to 40 percent of their entire yearly income during the holiday season. However, there are several other benefits to commercial Christmas lights including:

  • Creates a positive feeling for customers

  • Happy employees, which lead to better customer service

  • A great Christmas display creates buzz - the more people talk the more shoppers you receive 

  • A successful holiday season lays the groundwork for the coming year 

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Christmas Light Installation in Houston For Retailers

At Houston Christmas Lights we offer commercial properties including retail stores, strip centers, and shopping malls the ability to purchase their own commercial grade LED lights directly from us or we also offer a rental option. Our services are complete turnkey which means we offer design, installation, maintenance, and removal of lights after January for a total hassle-free holiday experience. We have over twenty years of experience and guarantee, 100% customer satisfaction. Our installers and decorators are professional, timely, and filled and friendly. We realize the holiday season is only six to eight weeks long so time is of the essence when it comes to ensuring your commercial Christmas lights work as they should. If you have any issues, we will return within 24 to 48 hours to straighten, replace, or repair your lights should any issues occur. Our Christmas light hanging services include:

  • Industry leading holiday lights in a variety of colors and sizes

  • Synchronized light shows and laser options

  • Artificial and real greenery including trees, garland, wreaths, and sprays

  • Pole mounted banners in your choice of designs

  • Christmas displays including nativity scenes, Santa, sleigh, and Frosty

  • Interior designing and decorating

  • Santa and Mrs. Clause visits

Ideas  To Increase Retail Sales During The 2021 Christmas Season?

Have a Sale: This may sound obvious but remember other stories use this same tactic as well, so you have to host a sale that grabs attention so make sure the discount is worthwhile, the higher the discount the more shoppers spend.

Geo Fencing: Shoppers are busy and may walk right by your store so by using a smart antenna you broadcast a special message to entice shoppers to stop by

Special Events: Offering a one-day event with a Santa visit and free phots is a great way to draw a crowd. Our two-hour Santa visits start at $399.00 but is sure to increase your return of investment or what about a tree lighting ceremony if you’re a commercial property manager looking to help all your tenants.

Window Displays: If you have a store window, chances are you do then take full advantage of the extra traffic that can be drawl in with windows decorated with eye catching Christmas light, trees, or wreath that are door stopping during the holiday season. If you need help with this our Christmas light hanging service and designers are readily available.

Invite! Make sure to start early enough in the season to send out invites and get the buzz started to optimize the holiday opportunity either through email or direct mail.


Whatever you choose to do to create a retail rush this holiday season you can rely on your experienced holiday light pros at Houston Christmas Lights to escalate your share experience.

All Businesses Can Benefit From Christmas Light Hanging Services

Holiday decorating and Christmas light hanging services extended beyond retailer and shopping malls, when you hire a Christmas light installer in Houston for your restaurant, commercial office building, bank, salon and spa, or hotel it can create a holiday destination spot. Restaurants are other commercial venues that host Christmas parties for businesses and families are sure to reap the rewards with dazzling lights, greenery such as wreaths, lighted garland and animated Christmas displays so don’t be a bah humbug contact Houston Christmas Lights today to schedule your complimentary consultation with our Christmas light hanging service. We will create you a custom one-of-a-kind arrangement that even the local media wants to cover and above all makes shoppers want to spend more time in your retail store or building to generate more sales.


Increase Your Retailers Foot Traffic with Christmas Light Installation from
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As Harris County’s leading Christmas light hanging service, you can count on us to ensure your store is beautiful decorated with commercial grade holiday lights. Greenery, and a display that is as unique as your store. Since the holiday season is short, we recommend scheduling professional Christmas light installation as soon as you can because this season only comes once a year. cleaning at least once a year. Our technicians are professional and polite, and we offer upfront pricing on all our services.

Contact Houston Christmas Lights, today at 281-545-7740 to discuss your holiday wishes and schedule your Christmas light hanging services in Houston, TX.

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