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*Packages listed here are for reference only. Your estimate is based on the unique requirements of your individual home or business. 

100% Guarantee

Purchase 100 LED C9 Bulbs 

All clips, extension cords & timer

Purchase 48 " lit wreath with a bow

Christmas Light Installation 

Seasonal Maintenance

Remove Lights (storage not included)

Festive Package


100% Guarantee 

Purchase 150 LED C7 or C9 Bulbs

All clips, extension cords & timer

Purchase 48 " lit wreath with a bow

Purchase 2- pre-lit entryway trees 

Purchase 2- Lighted Garland 

Purchase 700 mini lights

Christmas Light Installation

Seasonal Maintenance

Removal after January 1st

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Deluxe Package


200 LED C7 or C9 Bulbs

Clips, Cords, Timer

Two 48 -inch Customized Wreaths

Two- 4 ft pre-lit pine trees for entryway

Two Lighted Garland for entryway

1800 LED Mini Lights for Tree Wrapping

Driveway Lighting

Installation & Seasonal Maintenance

Removal & Storage after January 1st

Platium Package


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Why Houston Christmas Lights Just Makes More Dollars and Sense 

The cost of professional grade lighting and holiday décor should be an investment that not an expense that is paid every year you choose to hire a professional Christmas light installer. Its simple math- a one-time purchase of a few thousand dollars to have lights that are brighter, burns 25,000 hours and bulb that are more resistant to damages from the outdoor elements as opposed to the same quality of light, but you never own in addition to a storage fee for someone else’s lights, who want to pay someone else storage bill? Exactly! This sales model is faulty and borders on unethical still most professional Christmas light installers use it and then when your contract is over increases their lighting prices. Do not fall for sales gimmicks!


When you choose Houston Christmas Lights, we have chosen to take our sales process another route, transparency!


The initial cost can be more costly but is often the same as leasing and the second year our rates are decreased by as much as half off for the set up and removal of your lights. Included in our pricing is of all your lights, cords, clips, timer, and décor. The best part of owning your lights is if you decide to move or forgo professional Christmas light installation for your Houston home or business, no problem the lights are yours.

I rent because I don’t have the storage. No problem, for $79 a year we offer storage at our climate control facility. Your lights are removed, labels, and stored for safe keepings. If you need them before the holidays just give us a 72-hour notice.


I want to change my lights. We have you covered, before the holiday season rush, we offer many not for profits and shelter free labor, so we offer our customers a free exchange for three years.


Choosing Houston Christmas Lights for your Christmas light installer in Houston just makes more dollars and sense

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More Ways To Save Some Christmas Cash

Donote Your Old Lights
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Proceeds Benefit The Houston Zoo

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Upgrade To Package 

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Festive Package

This homeowner chose the festive package and chose to forgo a wreath in exchange for additional C9 lights. The design was blue and white LED lights
Whats Included In Your Package 

Free Design Consultation:  Each lighting package allows you to choose your colors of lights and where you want your lights placed. We show you the colors of lights we have to offer and you choose your design, we also have upgrade options if you wish to have something not included in the package. Our staff will work with you to offer suggestions and ideals or feel free to show us your favorite Pinterest design or designs from the previous season gone by. If you need suggestions, we have plenty!

Lights – In addition to the C9 that come in the package and for the Deluxe and Miracle package mini lights, we also offer the upgraded choice of dome lights, Icicle, smart lighting (RGB) and color changing lights.


Materials: Everything is included in all our packages including a Dusk to Dawn waterproof timer so you never need to remember to turn your lights on and off making for a safe and festive season, the best roof or gutter clips, fasteners, and extension cords.

Warranty: Houston Christmas Lights also offers a full labor warranty that covers any bulbs that break or burn out. Simply give our team a call and within 24 hours we will return at no additional cost to repair or replace the bulb to keep your home looking absolutely spectacular.

Removal: The day of your Christmas light installation in Houston, we will schedule your removal so you know precisely what day and time you can expect us to arrive. Most HOA have policies make sure to check the guidelines. Some of these can be found on our location page.

Storage: Since these are now your lights you are free to keep them or for a small fee, we can safely store them until next year. If your products were not purchased from HCL we can not store them, thanks for your understanding. 

Common Questions About Pricing 

Are Christmas lights priced by the size of home?

The size of the home is just one factor, the biggest factor is the design you choose, the biggest lighting cost is tree. The average tree takes more mini lights then most realize, the phot beside of these trees were 1,000 lights each. 

How much are Christmas lights by the foot? 

The coast per foot of light is $3.00 to $6.00 depending on the type of light you are using, our C9 Christmas lights are spaced a foot apart unlike other installers who have a light only 1.5 inches. If you opt for the festive package and that is not enough lights you can add more lights at $3.00 per foot 

How much are Dome Lights?

These lights have become very popular, you may exchange your mini lights for dome lights.,  T5 or M5 mini light. If your wondering what a dome light is they  come with a small square or dome like shape, as opposed to the pointy end mini lights, have, These are iridescent lights so they don't have the cost savings that LED mini lights do. The cost to add dome lights to a packages is $5.00 to $12.00 per strand. These lights look beautiful  around porches, columns and smaller plants or indoor trees.

Do Your offer incandescent light and how much do they cost? 

 While incadescent lights are the most affordable at $4.00 to $10.00 per strand they only last approximately 1000 hours and are not energy efficient, We do offer them but please keep in mind that as much as 90% of the energy consumed by incandescent Christmas lights goes into generating heat which is a safety hazard, running these lights you can expect to pay 6.6 where LED cost 1.6 cents per kilowatt hour.

What type of lights do you use?

We only use LED commercial grade lights, these lights can expect to last 25,000 hours or seven years, though we have lights that have lasted a decade which is more than long enough to cover the expense of what you would have to spend replacing big box store lights. On average you will spend $6.00 to $22.00 per strand or for big bulb C9 lights which is the size of lights and quality you will find in Post Oak, River Oaks, and Pecan Grove. 

How much is it to add wreaths or sprays? 

In each packages wreaths are included but you can upgrade if you wish to a larger size of wreath or a spray. Our wreaths, lighted garland, and sprays start at $200.00 and are completely customized. 

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Deluxe  Package - Most Popular Package

This homeowner chose to add C9 around the roofline with mini lights in a planter box. We placed their wreath on the front door along with garland and entry walkway 
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Platinum Package with additional mini lights added for the trees. Rooftop lighting extended to the sides wreaths placed above windows. 

Why We Are The Top Christmas Light Installation Company ?

Nobody installs more Christs lights then HCL Christmas light installers because our services are seamless, are prices are competitive and our customer service and attention to detail is second to none. We are here to make their holidays stress free and provide you the best display at the most competitive prices. All three packages comes with materials you own and a skilled contractor that is reliable , prompt, and friendly. We look forward to bringing light to your neighborhood. 

We offer services to: 

All homeowners in Fort Bend, Montgomery and Harris County click here to see full listing 



For all of your holiday needs, from Christmas light installation to decorating, choose the expert team at Houston Christmas Lights you can count on to do it right! Call today at 281-545-7740 for service in Houston, TX or schedule online today!

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