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Christmas Light Installation in Houston For Auto Dealerships

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Christmas Light Installation Houston Cars, Dealerships & Automotive

Get Ready to accelerate your revenue this holiday season with the best Christmas light installation in Katy or the greater Houston area

What can a dealership do to capitalize on their share of foot traffic during the holiday season? While many think of the big red bows placed on the hood or top of a car this occurs only after a sale is made. Until then why not invest a little extra this year in marketing with commercial C 9 LED Christmas lights from the pros over at Houston Christmas Lights. Our team provide complete holiday decor to ensure the eyes of Texas are upon you and that your auto dealership shines big and bright. Our services are available in Katy, The Woodlands and throughout Harris and Fort Bend County. Our licensed and trained technicians are always friendly and on time.

We offer the following holiday services:

  • Free Estimates

  • Design Consultation

  • Purchase of commercial C 9 LED Christmas lights and materials including clips, cords, and timers.

  • We hang Christmas Lights and remove them

  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee and troubleshooting through the season at no cost to you

  • Interior Decorating and Santa Visit

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What’s the Best Type of Christmas Lights to Install?

The best Christmas lights for your auto dealership or commercial depends on your budget and preferred level of holiday decor. Some dealerships wish to add just a hint of holiday flare while some dealerships want to roll out the red carpet for their clients. Either way our team at Houston Christmas Lights can help. Below are some options of the lights we install for Harris and Fort Bend County businesses:

  • Wide Angle LED Lights: These lights provide more light then the traditional mini and can blend in with their surrounding during the daytime due to their low profile which makes then a great addition to shrubs and trees.

  • Commercial C9 Led Lights: These have a large bulb so they can be spaced every 12 to 18 inches around the perimeter of your building to make a statemen which is great for a dealership that remains open past dusk.

  • Color Changing Lights: Can’t choose one color, no problem these lights provide an array of different colors at various speeds so that you can change them up every few minutes or different lights on different nights throughout the season

  • LED Projection Spotlights: Having a special event is simplified with these lights that can shine onto the building, flagpoles or a selection of cars, Many Harris County dealerships like these lights because they can be used throughout the year not just during Christmas.


Houston Christmas Lights can provide you with one or a combination of these options in various colors. While white is the most used option for commercial and residential Christmas lights, due to its timeless look and comes in pure or ultra-warm if you really want to draw attention, we offer every color under the sun from the traditional red and green, blues, pinks, yellow or multicolored commercial C 9 Led Christmas lights. Contact our Christmas light installers in Katy , Sugar Land or Missouri City who can discuss your options and coordinate with you to create a beautiful complex design. to discuss your options. Estimates are completely free of charge.

Brighten Up Your Dealership with Service from Houston Christmas Lights

Need Christmas light installation in Houston or interior decorating for the holidays, we’ve got you covered. When it comes to your holiday wishes, you need a dependable professional who can listen and execute your vision, move quickly, and remove some of the hassle from your busy season- that’s what you can count on when you chose Houston Christmas Lights. We are fully insured and trained with over two decades of experience to make your Christmas wishes come true. 

Contact Houston Christmas Lights at 281-545-7740 and we will provide your auto dealership with the best Christmas lights in Houston.