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About Houston Christmas Lights

Season’s Greetings, I am Melissa Emerson, and this is my husband Lon and grandson Samson, we are the owners of Houston Christmas Lights, thank you for visint us online and considering our Christmas light installers in Houston for your holiday lights, I can tell you your in the best of hands. I thought I would give you the story of how I began HCL over 20 years ago. 

They say never despise small beginnings today I understand why. When I started at the age of twenty-one years old, a single Mom to a baby on the way and unemployed I thought of ways I could come up with rent  money, so when I heard my grandmother needed someone to put up her lights I offered for a small portion of my rent.  I had never been on a ladder, that just wasn't lady like (so they say)  and my lights looked comical but you have to start somewhere.  I enlisted some help from my younger brother and one of his friends and I was in business. I can tell you I had much to learn. While my brother hung light I went door to door as cell phones was not a commodity. For every yes there was another dozen doors that slammed in my face and I wanted to give up, maybe everyone was right I was crazy! however fast forward two decades and while I may be a little craxzy I have a whole lot of fun doing a job that I love. For many years I wore many hats, today I over see the crews , scheduling and handle the majority of HCL design consultations. 


Whille I am the only one who continued I have been blessed to hire the best staff, much of whom are like family and we have the most loyal customers who have returned year after year in spite of uncertain times like Covid. Best of all we love what we do and the joy that it brings.

 I believe our passion, creativity and the same small town customer service approach that I started off with placing people before profit is what has allowed our business to snow ball. There is nothing I enjoy more then the feedback from customers  and having them refer us to their family and friends but a few years ago the holiday blues got the best of me.

See, while most people spend the holidays celebrating -we spend it working seven days a week, sixteen hours a day and its easy to loose what the meaning of this season is really all about. In 2017 I was reminded by a  window name Mrs Black. Her husband and passed and until his death he hung her lights. I thought we would find someone in the community and hang lights, this did rekindle the spirit but there had to be more.  in 2018 we started spending our Christmas Eve serving others and turning labor into an act of love. 



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Turning Labor Into Love

Present Project - Being The Light 

We love everything about the holidays from the songs that lead up to Santa big day to the fun our Christmas light installers have seeing the kids on children’s face. However, we felt like there had to be something bigger than all of this so in 2018 our team created the Present Project. Our goal is to be the light throughout the city of Houston by turning a little labor into love.

Our first year was the juvenile justice center, the following year Mrs. Black a widow in Katy and last year tent city in downtown Houston but this year we want to do a little more. This was always a private affair between staff, this year we are opening it up and asking for nominations. To nominate someone to our Present Project:

  1. Write a paragraph explaining the need

  2. What we can do to fulfill the need

  3. Contact us here

  4. As a team we will read through the nominations and announce the recipient on Facebook, thank you to our customers who make all of this possible, We wish you a very merry Christmas  




Win  Dinner For 2 At Perry Chop House New Years Eve

We believe it takes a village to make a difference, so we are asking you to join us in our effort- We want you to do a random act be it Toys For Tots, serving meals in Houston soup kitchen, singing carols at a nursing home, adopting a family…and share it on our Facebook page and you will receive three entry tickets to our dinner for 2 on New Years Eve to Perry Chop House.


Other ways you can enter to win are listed here


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Meet Some Of Team Behind The Magic at
Houston Christmas Lights  
 HCL Lead for Commercial Christmas Lights
Lon Emerson
HCL Lead For Residential Christmas Lights 
Lucas Mathias
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Aaron & John

Lead Designer Commmercial
Barbara Price

Lead Designer Residential
Chynna York
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Are you ready to celebrate the 2021 holiday season with beautiful greenery and custom Christmas light Installation In Houston, Katy, or The Woodlands? Then don’t wait call today to start the process and secure your spot on our 2021 Calendar!